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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1643

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Chapter 1643

Daisie thought Nollace had asked the waiter to pass the note to her, so she got to her feet and headed
to the parking lot. When she arrived at the parking lot, she looked around but couldn’t see Nollace. Just
as she pulled her phone out to call Nollace, someone snuck up to her from her back and covered her
nose with a handkerchief.

He then dragged her into the car.

Her phone dropped to the ground, and the call was connected.

By the time Nollace returned to the restaurant, Daisie was already gone. When he saw the note on the
table, his face sank. He stopped a waiter and ordered, “Bring me to the surveillance room! Hurry!”

A car was tra

st on the road. Nollace had found the information about the owner of the car through the car plate.

It was Lara’s driver.

He made a call to Edison and barked out his order coldly, “Get me Ken.”

When Daisie cracked her eyes open, she found that her hands were tied. Before she could realize what
had happened, someone pushed the door open and walked inside.

The woman that followed the group of men into the room was none other than Lara.

She was stunned. “Ms. Reese?”

Lara pulled a chair and sat in front of her. “Girl, I’ve warned you before, but unfortunately, you refuse to
listen.” Daisie tried to free herself but to no avail. “What do you want from me?”

Lara grabbed her chin and looked at her innocent face. “I heard that you’re Nollace’s girlfriend, right?
But too bad, even if you’re his girlfriend, things won’t end well for you if you’ve offended me.” Daisie
blinked and turned her face sideways. “You’ll regret it if you don’t release me now!” Lara did not expect
Daisie to threaten her now. She grabbed her hair, causing Daisie to yelp out in pain as she hissed
through gritted teeth. “Girl, what a nerve that you dare to threaten me when you’re in Yaramoor. Do you
know who I am?”

She pushed Daisie away.

Since Daisie’s hands were tied, she couldn’t keep her balance and fell sideways, causing her forehead
to hit the pillar at the side. Soon, a bruise appeared on her fair skin. Walking on her stilettos toward
Daisie, Lara kicked her with the heel of her stilettos, causing Daisie so much pain that she felt like
someone was forcibly removing her bones from her body. Lara became even more excited when she
heard Daisie’s pained scream, and she kicked her a

few times again. Daisie’s face turned pale, and she was shaking in pain. “B*tch! It seems to me that
you’re lacking some real-life experience. Very well, then. I should teach you a lesson today. There are
some people in this world that you should never offend.” Lara pulled her up from the ground and kicked
her in the stomach, sending her flying several feet into the air before connecting with a meaty smack in
the wall.

The man beside Lara was startled. He did not want things to go out of control, so he said, “Ms. Reese,
you need to stop now. You might end up killing her—” Lara turned around and slapped him across the
face. The man who got slapped by Lara lowered his head and went to the side. “What the hell are you
guys afraid of? Even if I kill her, do you think the police will dare to do anything to me?” The group of
men remained silent. Lara came from a prestigious family. She acted arrogantly in the entertainment
industry, and nobody dared to do anything to her. The reason was that her father had a close

relationship with some of the politicians. There was once she had disfigured an actress for offending
her. Finally, it was her father who suppressed the matter.

She only came out to apologize, and the whole matter was fizzled out. Lara walked up to Daisie and
stepped on her back. “What do you think will happen if I destroy your face too?” Pushing down the pain
that was screaming at her, Daisie gritted her teeth and lifted her eyes to look at her. “Then can you
untie me first?” “Huh?” Lara squinted. “What are you talking about?” “There are so many of you, so it’s
very unlikely that I can run away,” Daisie said calmly,” Since you’re going to destroy my face no matter
what happens, can’t you just fulfill my request?”

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