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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1645

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Chapter 1645

Lara did not take Nollace’s threat seriously.

“The Knowles are nothing compared to the Reeses. I don’t know where he gets the guts from to
threaten me. Also, Ken, how could you stand on their side just now? Do you still want to marry me or

Ken took a deep breath and loosened his grip. He looked at Lara expressionlessly and laughed. “What
you should be worried about isn’t our marriage anymore.”

Lara was stunned.

Meanwhile, inside the car… Daisie nestled in Nollace’s arms-her body was shaking and screaming in
pain. Nollace tightened his arms and caressed the wound at the corner of her eyes. “Does it hurt?
Where else did she hit you?” She forced a smile on her face and replied, “My entire body is screaming
in pain.” She felt pain in her chest as well whenever she breathed. Nollace told Edison to drive faster,
and Edison did as he was told. Daisie asked softly, “Will I get disfigured?” “Nope,” Nollace replied as he
landed a deep kiss on her forehead. “The wound isn’t deep, so it won’t leave a scar.” “I feel like I’m
dying.” “Don’t be silly,” replied Nollace. “We’re almost at the hospital. Just hang on for a little longer.”
Daisie chuckled and winced at the pain that shot up from her chest. “Thanks for coming to save me,
Nolly…” Nollace was taken aback and lowered his head to look at her. “What did you call me?” Dalsie
leaned her head on his chest and closed her eyes as if she was asleep.

“What do you mean by that, Ken? She’s just Nollace’s girlfriend. So what if I beat her? It didn’t kill her.
Besides, didn’t you see that she threatened me by holding me at knifepoint?” Standing in the living
room, Lara was throwing a tantrum while accusing Ken of not taking ber side

Ken looked at her expressionlessly and was getting more and more annoyed at Lara’s tantrum.

The reason he was willing to put it up with Lara was that he wanted help from her family. He had told
Lara before that she shouldn’t mess with Daisie since the consequences were something that they
couldn’t bear However, she refused to listen to him and foiled his plan.

“Thal’s moupli, lara.”

“You’re now scolding me because of that b*tch? Don’t forget that you’re my fiance. If not for the support
of the Reeses, do you think you would get to where you are now?”

Ken had been unable to raise his head in front of the Reeses because, just like she said, they were the
ones who had given him everything he had today. Throughout the years, she liked Ken because he had
never disobeyed her before. All of her friends took pride in their husband’s loyalty. The more loyal their
husbands were to them, the happier they were. In the past, Ken was able to tolerate whatever she did,
and now he couldn’t take it anymore? Slowly, Ken rose to his feet and said, “Lara Reese, do you still
not realize the gravity of the situation?”

Lara froze. Ken had never called her with her full name before.

Just as the thought surfaced in her head, she raised her hand and gave Ken a slap across his face,
causing his head to turn sideways as a red welt appeared on his cheek

The servants in the living room were dumbfounded.

“It seems to me that you don’t want to marry me anymore. Ken, get the hell out of here right


Ken’s cheeks puffed up, and his face sank. He turned around and walked toward the door without
looking back

When Lara saw that he was really going away, she shouted, “You’ll regret it if you step out of the door
today! Don’t come begging to me when the time comes!” Ken shut the door and continued to walk
forward without stopping. Lara was so exasperated that she flipped everything on the table to the floor.
Meanwhile, at the hospital…

By the time Daisie came around to her senses, it was already in the evening. Nollace, who was sitting
next to her, realized that she had woken up and grabbed her hand. “Daisie.” She wanted to get up from
the bed, but Nollace did not allow her to. “You need to stay in bed for now.”

Before she could finish her sentence, a pang of pain shot through her, and she hissed. Nollace fucked
her back into the bed and said, “I told you. You need to stay in bed for now.” “Is it bad?” she asked.

Nollare brushed a hand over the hair on the corner of her forehead and said with a stern face.” It’s not
that bad. It’s just a splenic injury, and you’re going to feel a lot of pain.”

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