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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1647

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Chapter 1647

‘It’s no wonder that business hasn’t been going as smoothly as before recently as if there’s an invisible
resistance that’s holding the Reeses back. Even my old friends in the political circle who I can get in
touch with during normal times have been avoiding me deliberately. ‘If it wasn’t for the investigation, I
probably wouldn’t even know what’s been going on nowadays.

‘If I had only offended one family, I might still be able to withstand it. But the main thing is that I’ve
offended three in one go. The pressure from all three parties isn’t something the Reeses can bear.

‘I’ve offended the Hathaways. That’s why all the politicians who were once close to me are thinking
twice before they approach me. No one would have the guts to go against the Hathways. After all, the
Hathaways totally have the ability and financial power to rival the entire Yaramoor.

‘Even if I were to take a step back from the political field and retreat into the business circle, I would still
have to face the suppression of the Knowles in the future. All these come to show that my actions have
just demolished all my future possibilities.

“As for the Goldmanns, they make the situation even more complicated. Not only do they have political
connections in Stoslo, but also the forces of the Metropolis in Morwich. These have completely cut off
all possibilities for me to bring my business abroad.’ Lara choked on her tears and snot. “… I didn’t
know.” At this moment, the secretary hurried into the room. “Mr. Reese, Mr. Hathaway has already
arrived at the company.” Jonah looked very bothered but still piqued at the moment. He glared at Lara
and pointed at her. “You’d better stay here and don’t do anything stupid. Otherwise, even I won’t be
able to do anything to save your *ss.” When Jonah arrived at the company, Yorrick was already waiting
for him in the VIP lounge He bit the bullet and stepped into the room, and he had to act and speak
extremely humbly in front of Yorrick for the first time. “Mr. Hathaway, I’m really sorry for what my young
and ignorant daughter has done. I’ve already punished her, so can you do me a favor and help me

make peace with Mr. Goldmann? I’ll bring my daughter to the Goldmanns and apologize in person.” “I
want to help you too, Mr. Reese.” Yorrick flipped through the financial magazine in his hand, raised his
eyelids, and gave off a smile. “It’s just that you don’t understand Mr. Goldmann’s temper at all. Once
he’s decided to do something, no one in the world would be able to stop him.”

Jonah’s expression stiffened, and he gnashed his teeth. “I’ll agree to whatever he wants, as long as he
names an offer”

Yorrickput down the magazine and stood up slowly. “Mr. Reese, what your daughter has done has
already violated the law. This is a matter of life and death. Do put yourself in Mr. Goldman’s shoes
Imagine if something were to happen to your daughter, would you forgive the other party”

Jonah choked on his own words. On the other hand, the impeachment that happened to the Reeses
finally made the news. Lara had actually kidnapped the girl who endorsed the perfume because she
got her endorsement advertisement contract snatched from her. The girl’s identity was revealed at that
moment- she was the daughter of the Goldmanns, and now, Lara had completely been turned into
public enemy number one on the Internet.

Lara’s reputation was already not very positive. It was just that no one dared to do anything with her
because of her noble status. This time, all of Lara’s endorsement advertisements were banned by all
media, and she lost countless fans overnight. Even her fans in Zlokova quit her fans club,
unsubscribed, and unfollowed all her social media accounts.

It was said that when an ox fell to its knees, the knives multiplied. All the celebrities in the
entertainment industry who had fallen out with Lara before this had also come forward to expose the
evil deeds that she had done in the past.

Lara was turned into a person of hatred over the past few days, and many reporters surrounded the
Reese manor, so she did not even dare to leave the house.

Daisie had been admitted to the hospital for the past few days, and Maisie had been with her
throughout the whole period.

Maisie was sitting in the chair cutting apples for Daisie while listening to the news on TV. She then
reached out and delivered a sliced apple to Daisie’s mouth. Daisie bit the apple, “Mom, is Dad very
angry?” “Even I’m angry.” Maisie lifted her eyelids and looked at her. “Something so grave actually
happened, and you almost died.”

Daisie lowered her head. “I’m sorry that I made you worry.” “You’re lucky that Nollace rescued you in
time.” Maisie reached out and tucked Daisie’s long hair behind her ear. “I was told that you two are
dating each other. Is that true?” Dalsle choked on the apple and avoided Maisie’s gaze, looking guilty.
“Mom, why are you asking me this?”

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