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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1648

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Chapter 1648

Maisie chuckled. “Why can’t I ask about this? I’m your mother.”

Daisie pouted and did not respond to her. “You’ve grown up and should have your own thoughts about
everything, so I can’t control everything that you do or think. You have Colton and Nollace here to
protect you, so your father and I can truly be at ease while we’re not by your side.”

After saying that, Maisie paused for a few seconds. “However, don’t you ever let such an incident
happen again. Otherwise, the self-defense lessons that Saydie has given you would have been in

Daisie lifted her head. “Mom, aren’t you against it?”

“What should I be against?” Maisie asked knowingly with a smirk

Daisie buried her head in the pillow, and her cheeks flushed as if she was slightly drunk” Aren’t you
against the fact that I’m dating Nollace?” “If you do have a thing for him too, would me objecting to your
decision do your relationship any good?”

Maisie understood her better than anyone else in the world. After all, she was her own daughter, so
how could she not understand her character and personality?

At that moment, Nollace appeared outside the ward with a bouquet of flowers.

Daisie was stunned as she did not seem to expect he would come to visit her at this time. Maisie
turned around, saw Nollace, and gave off a smile. “Nollace, you’ve come.” Nollace nodded politely.
“Mrs. Goldmann.” He walked to the bedside table, placed the bouquet in the vase, reached out, and
rubbed the top of Daisie’s head. “Are you feeling better now?” Daisie buried her head even deeper into
the pillow, and her ears were on the verge of lighting up on fire. “Yes, much better.” ‘Mom is here, and

this fella is acting so boldly!’ Maisie sneered and got up slowly. “Okay, then you two should have a little
chat first. I’ll go find your dad.” She then exited the ward.

Nolan just happened to be walking toward the ward, and before he could speak, Maisie pressed her
index finger against his lips and shushed him.

He squinted slightly and looked into the ward through the glass on the door.

Nollace was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Daisie suddenly threw herself into his arins.

He was slightly startled and looked down at her. “What’s wrong?”

“My mom doesn’t object to our relationship.”

Originally, she did not dare to admit it because she knew that her father did not like Nollace very much,
so she was afraid that her mother would be against them being together too.

Nollace saw that she was happy because of this, so he stroked her hair with a wide grin. “I already
knew that.”

Daisie looked up at him and frowned in confusion. “What did you know earlier?” Nollace looked down at
her with a profound smile. “I already knew that Mrs. Goldmann wouldn’t be against our relationship.”
Seeing this scene, Nolan felt that someone was about to steal the pearl that he had been cultivating for
almost two decades from him, so he was about to push the door and get into the ward, but Maisie
stopped him. He was astonished and was dragged aside by her. “What are you doing?”

“That kid is taking advantage of my daughter!” Maisie lifted her eyebrows. “Didn’t you take advantage
of me back then too?”

Nolan was at a loss for words as he could not refute her.

Looking at his gloomy expression, Maisie could not help but laugh out loud. “Daisie likes him too.
Would you really stop them from being together?”

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “However, this is still too early. Daisie hasn’t even graduated from
college yet. In case…” “Is it early? Aren’t you even worse than Nollace? Didn’t you cross the line too
when I was as old with Daisie, getting me pregnant before marriage?” Nolan laughed abruptly and
hugged her. “Are you trying to talk me down with all these history lessons?”

Maisie chuckled. “I’m just giving you facts. What’s more, Nollace cherishes Daisie very much, and a
relationship that starts from college and ends with marriage is very rare and precious. I guess he’ll
surely respect Daisie when it comes to everything in their relationship.”

The next day.. Freyja went to the hospital to visit Daisie, and the two went for a walk in the garden

It had been a few days since Daisie last basked under the sun. Now that she could do so, it felt
extremely comfortable.

“You’ve risen to fame once again. Lara has offended you and has been completely suppressed by all
parties. The Reeses are askong all the connections that they know for help, but no one dares to lend a
helping hand”

Dalsle stretched and gave off a chuckle. “That’s pretty miserable.”

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