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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1650

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Chapter 1650

Daisie was shocked. “How did you manage to save up so much money?” Colton leaned languidly
against the car window. “Don’t worry. It’s extra pocket money that I earned by myself. I didn’t steal or
rob anyone.”

The car arrived at the west district of Hilton Villas, which was only one subway station away from the
Victoria College. It was a very convenient place to live at.

Daisie walked out of the car with the gift box, looked around, and wondered. “What are we doing here?”

Colton took the gift box from her. “Dad said that it’s not very convenient and safe for you to live on
campus. Thus, you’ll be living here until you graduate.” “Shouldn’t it be even more inconvenient to live
outside?” She caught up to him. “Are you worried that I -”

Before she could even finish her sentence, a group of bodyguards came out of the villa, stood in the
yard in a row, and nodded respectfully. “Young Master Goldmann, Young Lady Goldmann!” Daisie was
astounded for a few seconds. “Does it need to be this exaggerated?” ‘Do I have to bring bodyguards
along when I go to college in the future?’ She followed Colton into the villa.

The villa was a duplex building with a retro and elegant Nordic style, and it had excellent lighting. There
was an independent balcony, a private garden, a piano, and a dance room. It could be seen that her
father had carefully selected this place.

Colton put the gift box on the couch. “The housekeeper will come over in the afternoon. If you need
anything, just let her know.” “Colton, tell me the truth.” Daisie turned around and stared at him. “There
must be a reason for Dad to make such arrangements, right?”

Colton did not answer her.

‘Of course, there are reasons. Other than preventing that sh*tsack from the Knowles from having more
contact with her, it’s also about her roommate, Freyja Pruitt.

“I’ve looked into Freyja’s background, and she’s somehow related to the Knowles. Nollace’s mother is
the princess of the royal family, while Freyja’s mother was the illegitimate daughter of the same family.
They’re half-sisters, but the strange thing is that the two families don’t keep in touch frequently. The
relationship between the families can only be considered ordinary

‘And her elder brother, Ken Pruitt, was the prospective son-in-law of the Reeses. He’s been helping the
Recses a lot. And the point is that this person has a lot of associations in Yarwnoor’s social circle, from
the upper-class circle to the mafia. He has all kinds of connections throughout the country. ‘Given Keu’s
social status, it can be said that he’s mingling with someone above himself when br tries to marry the
daughter of the Reeses. But judging from low mucli Jonah values lijm,

he’s definitely an ambitious person.’ Colton could not confirm that Freyja had approached Daisie only
because of Nollace’s arrangements and had no other purposes of her own.

Of course, he would not say these to Daisie. “Isn’t it better that you don’t have to live with someone
else in such a congested dormitory and that you have your own private space?” “How is the dormitory
congested? I only live with Freyja, and we have our own rooms and, therefore, private space.” Colton
stretched out his hand and flicked her forehead. “Don’t trust anyone so casually. The only person that
you can trust in this world is yourself.” He left after saying that. Daisie froze in place as loads of
information flashed across her mind.

Freyja returned home and hesitated for a moment outside the gate before entering the house. As she
had guessed, her mother looked upset because of the issues that the Reeses were facing at the

Ken sat in the corner of the living room, drinking tea. He had only lifted his gaze for a split second but
did not utter a thing.

Sandy had the appearance of a mixed-race woman. However, apart from her hair and eyes color, she
did not resemble Nollace’s mother too much. Nollace’s mother looked more magnanimous, kind, and
easy-going, while Sandy’s facial features looked very stern, which made her look rather difficult to get
along with. She picked up her cup of tea. “I heard that you and the daughter of the Goldmanns are
friends?” “Who told you that?” she looked calm and took a glance at Ken, who was sitting on the other
side of the living room. “Did Ken tell you that? It seems that my brother can’t even wait for me to come
back home and admit it myself?” Sandy slammed the teacup against the table top and lifted her head
unhurriedly. “Fey, what do you mean by that?”

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