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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1657

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Chapter 1657

Lisa trembled when she heard what Nollace said. Her teeth chattered so much that she couldn’t finish
her sentence.

“I admit that it’s quite realistic when you put on that suicide act, but if you really wanted to die, you
should’ve cut deeper.”

Nollace pulled the pen drive out of his computer and continued. “Honestly, I should thank you. If it
hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have such a fabulous video to show to my uncle The adopted daughter
of the Knowles is trying to seduce the descendant of the Knowles. I can’t wait to see my uncle’s
reaction when he sees this recording.”

“No…” Lisa was filled with fear. Her voice was thick with a sob as she pleaded, “I’m sorry, Nollace. My
emotions just got the best of me, and I promise I won’t do it again!”


No sooner had Nollace’s voice died away, Peter pushed the door open and came inside.

Lisa’s face sank when she saw Peter. She did not expect him to be here the entire time.

Nollace handed the flash drive to Peter and said, “Give this flash drive to my uncle.”

“Nollace, do you really have to do this to me? Are you not worried that I might kill myself?” Lisa’s voice
became sharp and ear-grating due to her nervousness. Nollace looked at her expressionlessly and
said, “If you want to kill yourself, then go ahead.”

Lísa froze. Nollace stopped in front of her and looked down at her. “Aren’t you good at manipulating the
public voice? Didn’t you want to threaten me? You know that the Knowles would do everything to

protect their reputation, and casting you away without any reason is tantamount to ingratitude and
injustice. “The reason I let you live here is that I want to see what kind of tricks you still have up your
sleeves. Unfortunately, this is all you have in your arsenal. I guess it’s only fair and reasonable for the
Knowles to cast you out.’ He waved his hand after he finished speaking. Receiving his order, Peter
picked Lisa up from the floor and dragged her out of his room.

There was a group of maids in the living room. When they saw Peter dragging the disheveled Lisa
down, they began to talk to each other, and there was a hint of disdain in their eyes. Nollace changed
into a shirt and long pants before he came downstairs.

Upon seeing him, Lisa crawled toward him and cried, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please let me go. I won’t do
it again. I won’t come back here anymore, okay? Please, please let me go.”

Nollace took a step back and avoided Lisa.

He sat with his legs crossed on the couch and looked at Lisa expressionlessly “My uncle was kund
enough to take you in as his adopted daughter. However, not only did you not appreciate huis
kindness, but you even went inside my room and attempted to seduce me This is something,
acceptable, and the Knowles can’t keep you anymore”

“Oh gosh, how can she be so shameless? She’s still so young.” “No wonder she’s disheveled. She’s
really such a wh*re.”

The comments from the side stabbed into her heart like sharp knives. From the moment she cast away
her shame and seduced Nollace, she had already fallen into his trap.

Just like Nollace said, she was good at manipulating the public voice. She was also good at putting
herself in a vulnerable position to gain sympathy from the public. The fact that Nollace sent her to the

black market and indirectly caused her to lose her chastity was a great weapon she could use against
the Knowles.

She had been under the impression that as long as she had this weapon in her hands, she would be
able to coerce the Knowles into letting her back by putting up a suicide act.

She thought she was smart, but she did not expect that it was her cleverness that caused her to lose
her greatest weapon and bring her doom.

At that moment, Tristan returned.

When he saw the scene in the living room, he was stunned, and his face sank “What is going on here?”

Lisa slumped to the floor and froze. Peter walked up to Tristan and told him everything. Tristan fell
silent for a moment, and then his gaze turned sharp as he looked at Lisa.

“Godfather… I made a mistake, but I did it because I love Nolly too much. Is it wrong of me to love
him?” Lisa cried as she clung to her last hope.

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