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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1655

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Chapter 1655

Daisie suddenly felt that she wasn’t strong enough because it was so easy for him to get to her. “Do
you want to see me?”

“I don’t live in the dormitory anymore.” “I know.”

Daisie chuckled. “How did you know?” Nollace laughed. “Because I’m downstairs.” Daisie looked out
her window, and a car was parked nearby with the window rolled halfway down. She immediately
recognized a familiar face.

The evening sun shone from the horizon and splashed across the western sky. Daisie went outside in a
loose dress and a thin jacket.

Nollace stood next to his car. He had a tall frame with perfect proportions, which was in a shirt that
looked extra nice under the evening sun.

He looked mature, handsome, and charming. Daisie was a little too mesmerized by that and fell into his
arms because she tripped.

Nollace held her by her waist and ran his hand over her dark, smooth hair. “There’s no need to rush.
I’m not leaving.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle.

Daisie buried her face in his chest. “Don’t laugh.”

He stopped while he looked at the bodyguard standing not too far away.

The bodyguard stared at them and realized he shouldn’t move forward, especially now.

Nollace looked back down at her. “I’m happy just to see you.” She looked down. “You’re busy and have
to be both in college and at work.” Nollace almost never stepped foot in college recently. She could feel
that she had been seeing him less after they started dating

Nollace held her hand and placed it to his lips. “It will be great once you graduate.” She looked up at
him, “Why?” He smiled. “I’ll be able to see you every day once I marry you.” Daisie was hesitant. “Do
we need to get married so soon?”

Alter getting married, babies would follow, and she wouldn’t be able to do whatever she wanted

Seeing low worried she was, Nollace cupped her lace. “We’ll get married first. I won’t stop you if you
want to lw in showbiz. You can do whatever you want.” As long as they were married and she was his
wife, she wouldn’t be able to run away, and

others wouldn’t have a chance either. “But, getting married would mean…” Nollace squinted while she
said with blushed cheeks, “Having babies.” Nollace leaned in half an inch and stared at her. “Don’t
worry about babies… I’ll control myself.”

Daisie was surprised. “Can you control that?” He chuckled, “You’ll find out when it happens.” She
understood, but her face burned up. The biology classes were clear. Having a baby wasn’t just about
sleeping together. She pushed him away and mumbled, “We’ve met, so I’m going back in.” She
escaped so quickly that Nollace couldn’t help but smile. He would make her his own once she

By the time Nollace got home, the night had fully descended. The living room was empty. His father
had gone back to the palace with his mother, and Tristan wasn’t there either. He removed his coat and
went upstairs. Lisa walked out of her room at that moment and seemed to have picked this time just so
that she could bump into him. She wore a thin silk dress that was very revealing as if that was the only
thing that she was wearing

Nollace’s face dropped, and his eyes grew cold. Even though Lisa was afraid of him, Tristan had
agreed to let her back in. Nollace had accepted it, so she became braver. “You’re back, Nolly.”

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