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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1658

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Chapter 1658

Lisa only needed to make it look like she did so because she loved Nollace too much. She was certain
that her godfather would understand her.

“Have you gone out of your mind?” Tristan growled, his voice thick with anger.

Lisa froze on the spot when she realized that Tristan was shouting at her.

“I took you under my wing because I pitied you, and you saved my life. However, I didn’t ask you to do
such a shameless thing in the Knowles mansion. It seems like Nollace is right about you. Letting you
live here is the worst decision I’ve made.”

Lisa’s pupils constricted. “But I saved your life – ”

“Talking about that.” Tristan paused for a few seconds, and his face sank. “I made a rash decision four
years ago. It never occurred to me that the accident turned out to be a scheme.”

Her body began to shake, and her face turned bloodless. However, she knew she couldn’t admit it as
she said, “How can you suspect me? I was only 14 years old that year. There’s no way I’m capable of
such schemes.”

“It’s true that you’re incapable of such schemes,” Nollace, who had been keeping silent the whole time,
parted his lips and chimed in. “But it doesn’t mean the people behind you aren’t incapable of that.”

Lisa turned to look at him, and there was a fearful expression on her face. “What are you talking

“Do you still remember Evan?”

Lisa was stumped when she heard the name. She had never mentioned her brother in front of the
Knowles, so she wondered how they knew about him.

Nollace rose to his feet and walked across the table. He stopped in front of her and looked down at her.
“In order to prevent getting rid of him as well as to stop him from coming to you after you’ve become
rich, you asked the people behind you to eradicate him. However, he was lucky and didn’t die. Perhaps
God took pity on him as he accidentally learned everything that you did.”

Lisa did not dare to look him in the eyes since she was exposed. She bit her lips so tightly that blood
was seeping out of the wound.

“You can even harm someone who’s related to you by blood. I wonder what else you wouldn’t dare to

“I didn’t… It wasn’t me.” She refused to admit it.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you refuse to admit it. I already know what I should know, and as for you…”
Nollace glanced at her coldly, leaned over to her, and said in a voice that only she could lear. “Either
find a place and die alone, or I’ll send you to the person you fear niost.”

Lisa was stumped. Her heart stopped beating for a moment, and cold beads of sweat began to all her

She cried, but in the next second, she laughed. Her eyes were slowly turning bloodshot as she hissed,
“If Daisie learns how terrifying you are, I’m sure she’ll stay as far as possible away from you.”

Nollace narrowed his eyes dangerously. As he straightened his body, he signaled at Peter.

Peter dragged Lisa up from the floor, and this time, she did not struggle anymore. It was raining heavily
outside, and Lisa was thrown out of the mansion along with her belongings. She stood in the rain with

only a flimsy layer of clothes. Her eyes were filled with rage and resentment as she watched the door
slowly close before her. ‘Do you really think I’ll kill myself just like that? No, never! I will stay alive, and I
want to make sure that all of you will regret everything you did to me!’ In the study room, Nollace stood
in front of the window and watched as Lisa pulled her luggage away in the rain.

Tristan was standing next to him. He retracted his gaze and asked, “Nollace, I’m sure she won’t die just
like that. Are you sure it’s the right decision to let her go?”

“Of course, I didn’t think she’d find a place and kill herself.” Nollace turned around. There was a smile
on his face, but the smile did not reach his eyes. “I let her go because it’s about time for me to reel in
the net.”

Tristan frowned. “Do you want to lure the people behind her out?” He turned around and asked, “Didn’t
your people find Evan already? With him acting as our smokescreen, I’m sure the people behind her
will show up soon.” At the Victoria Business College… “Hey, the Knowles have disowned their adopted

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