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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1662

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Chapter 1662 At the hospital…

A figure appeared at the door after Lisa left the ward.

Lara was sitting on the edge of the bed, and her gaze looked dim until the moment she heard footsteps
approaching. She turned around and could not help but ask warily, “Who are you?”

The man smiled. “Young Master Knowles asked me to tell you that he can let things slide this time

Lara was surprised and astonished for a split second, but she then sneered. “Do you think I’ll need him
to let me go now? I’ve lost everything now, so I’m not afraid of anyone.” Those who had lost everything
would have nothing else to lose, so she had nothing to worry about at this moment.

The man approached her. “Ms. Reese, do you know Mr. Matthews?”

Donald Matthews-it was impossible for Lara not to know this name. He was a man who had managed
to make all women in Yaramoor feel afraid.

This man, Donald Matthews, invited me to dinner several times, but I rejected all of them because I

the reason behind all his invitations.

‘But it might be due to my family background and the status that I was able to reject him without any
consequences. Donald didn’t dare to coerce me because of my family. However, things are different
now.’ Lara’s expression changed slightly. “What do you mean by that?”

“Mr. Matthews said he wouldn’t mind your look.” Lara could not help but shiver. Her face was as pale as

The man continued. “You’re also aware of Mr. Matthews’s personality and fetish. Things won’t end well
for any woman who falls into his hands. So, will you be willing to do that to yourself?”

She trembled violently. “Are you threatening me?” “Don’t take this as a threat, but a chance for you.”
The man turned on his phone and placed Lisa’s photo in front of her. “You should know this girl quite
well by now.”

Lara fell silent in an instant.

This girl has come to me twice, and she also has grudges with the daughter of the Goldmanns. But I
didn’t expect Nollace’s men to know about our encounters.’

After a moment of silence, she bit her lip. “What do you want me to do?”

“Mr. Matthews will invite you to dinner the day after tomorrow, and you must be there.” Before Lara
could refuse that invitation, the man added, “Do bring this girl along.” At the Knowles mansion’s study…

When the bodyguard returned and reported the outcome of his conversation with Lara, there was no
doubt that Lara agreed to the suggestion. Nollace tapped his fingertips on the desk and gave off a scoff
as if he was not surprised by Lara’s compromise.

‘Lara is afraid of Donald. There are quite a few women whose lives have been destroyed by Donald in
the past. Now that she’s lost her family background, she has no way of rejecting him. The chance that
I’m giving Lara is to let her choose her own path, whether she wants to live or die.

Donald knows that Lara has been disfigured and has already lost interest in her, but that doesn’t mean
that he would let her go. He’s not reconciled to the fact that he wasn’t able to own her back then.’

The bodyguard looked at him. “Young Master , are you sure Donald will take a fancy to Lisa?”

Nollace laughed. “Lisa’s the one who will fall for him.”

The bodyguard was startled.

‘Donald is 34 years old but has already gotten three divorces at such a young age. He has severe
violent tendencies , which makes him quite a psychopath . Any woman who knows his true colors
avoids him as if he’s the devil.

‘He looks rather handsome, but what’s hidden underneath his well-mannered shell is a bloodthirsty
soul. Didn’t his second and third wives get bewitched by his appearance too and chose to marry him in
the end?

‘Lisa got kicked out of the Knowles and should be very desperate at the moment. If she were to get to
meet Donald, she wouldn’t let go of the chance to cling to him.

‘When a woman has degenerated to the extent she will put her body forward as the first offer when she
wants something in exchange, she’s abandoned her sense of humiliation.

‘So since Lisa can’t stop trying to climb up the social ladder, why don’t we give her a nudge in the
correct direction?’

A few days later, Lara received Donald’s invitation again.

Looking at the invitation letter in her hand, she took out her cell phone and contacted Lisa. She even
took the initiative to buy her one of the most expensive and beautifully-customized evening gowns
Yararnoor had to offer.

After listening to Lara’s introduction of the man who could help her on her journey, Lisa could not wait
to dress up and attend the dinner with Lara.

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