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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1660

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Chapter 1660

Freyja was stumped.

None of them spoke for a long while, and then a chuckle broke the silence.

Daisie frowned. “What are you laughing at?”

“You, of course. You looked funny just now.” Freyja held her laugh back and looked at her. “So what if
we’re roommates? It doesn’t mean you can—”

“Do you want me to expose your true identity?”

Freyja was rendered speechless. She couldn’t hold herself anymore and rose to her feet. “Are you
threatening me?”

“Yeah, I’m threatening you. I’m going to tell everyone in the college that the kid is your brother’s
daughter, and you’re just helping him to take care of her.” Freyja chuckled and asked, “Are you not
worried that he will come to you for trouble?”

Daisie crossed her arms in front of her chest and replied,” That’s exactly what I would want him to do.
I’m not afraid of trouble. After all, this isn’t the first time I’ve been in trouble.”

Freyja was stunned. Initially, she planned to ignore her and give her the cold shoulder to force her to
stay away

from her. However, her plan failed.

A smile broke across Freyja’s face as she took her seat.“ This is the first time I’ve noticed that you’re
really tenacious.”

Daisie walked up to her and took the seat next to her. “So, what did Ken threaten you with?” Freyja
lowered her head. After a short while, she turned her head to look at Daisie and said, If I tell you that he
has an ulterior motive for asking me to approach you and be friends with you, what will you think?”

Daisie was stumped and fell silent.

Freyja sighed. “But I didn’t want to do that. He has nothing to do with the Reeses anymore since they
fell from their graces for messing with you. However, he won’t give up just like that. If I gain your trust,
they’ll stop at nothing to squeeze every last drop of benefit out of you. They’ll even make you their
puppet to get what they want.”

Daisie was a descendant of the Goldmanns. Everyone held her dearly, and there was nothing the
Goldmanns couldn’t get for her.

After falling silent for a while, Daisie asked, “So, you’re worried that they will take advantage of ine?”

Freyja chuckled. “With your brothers and Nollace by your side, do you think they’ll get what they want?

not stupid people.”

Daisie was gullible, but it did not mean that the Goldmanns were gullible. Freyja was not an idiot either.
If she really helped Ken, things might not turn out as they wished.

Most importantly, she did not want to do it either.

Daisie felt that Freyja was hinting at something and mumbled, “I’m not that stupid either…”

“If you weren’t stupid, would Lisa have been able to abuse your kindness?” Daisie was stumped and
turned her head away. “Those are in the past. I’m different now.” Suddenly, Freyja went closer to her
and asked, “Have you read the news?”

“What news?”

“Your ex-b*tchy-bestie stripped herself naked and tried to seduce your boyfriend last night.”

When Daisie came out of the building, her face was dark. She did not know about the news, but she
was angry after learning, wiat lisa had done.

Also, Freyja had told her that no man would be able to resist such a temptation II he could, there
probably was something wrong with him. She fell freyja was right, and

a sense of crisis rose from her heart.

Did Lisa do that last night?’

When the thought surfaced in Daisie’s head, her heart was filled with rage. She turned to an unknown
car at the roadside and kicked the tire hard.

It was only when the window of the backseat was rolled down that Daisie knew whose car was this.
Nollace let out a chuckle when he remembered how Daisie kicked the tire exasperatingly.

“If you want, I can ask the driver to deflate the tire. You don’t have to kick it like that.”

Daisie turned her head around and ignored her.

Nollace got out of the car and pulled her into his arms. As a smile appeared on his face, he asked,
“What’s wrong, Daisie?”

She turned her face sideways and said, “I’m angry.”

Nollace turned her body over and looked at her puffed cheek intently. “Who made you angry?” Without
saying anything, she pointed at him.

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