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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1659

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Chapter 1659

“Yeah, I saw the news, and they’re pretty serious about it. I heard that girl tried to seduce Young Mr.
Knowles last night. I don’t understand where she got the courage to go into his room naked.”

“She has fallen low enough to give the people in the black market permission to take videos of her
doing that kind of thing, so I don’t find it strange that she would try to seduce Young Mr. Knowles.”

Colton happened to pass by the corridor when he heard their conversation. He squinted, and when he
thought about those videos that he had uploaded to the internet that time, he felt revolted.

Nollace had sent him those recordings, so he figured that Nollace must have something to do with it.

He had to admit that Nollace was indeed more ruthless than he was when it came to punishing his

There were two things that a girl like Lisa cared about the most -reputation and chastity, and Nollace
had completely crushed both of them. “Colton!”

Daisie’s voice pulled him back to reality. He turned his head around to see that Daisie was running
toward him. “Have you found it?” She was talking about Freyja. Colton stuck his hands into the pockets
and said gloomily, “Why does it seem to me that you care about her a lot?”

“You promised that you would find it for me.” “Yes, I found it. There’s nothing out of the ordinary. Other
than going to class, the only place she goes is her dormitory and nothing else.” After Frejya got up from
bed, she would only go to two places: class and her dormitory. She did not even go to the canteen. It
seemed like she was all alone wherever she went and had no contact with anyone else. If it weren’t for
his sister, Colton wouldn’t have spent his time on such a boring person. Daisie lowered her head and
mumbled, “Then why…”

Frejya deliberately avoided her. Even though she tried to talk to her, she would just ignore her
However, she did not badmouth her behind her back and based on that alone, Daisie believed that she
was different from Lisa.

Colton looked at her and said, “Well, it’s good to stay away from her. Besides, her brother has had a
relationship with the Reeses before. He isn’t someone you can handle.”

The Reeses had already gone down the hills. Ken had lost his only support, so Colton was sure that he
wouldn’t let go of other opportunities.

However, Daisie ignored him and said, “Oh yeah, how can I forget about her jack*ss brother!” She
grabbed Colton’s arm and continued. “Colton, I think Ken must have threatened her. I’ll go look for her
now.” “Daisie—”Colton tried to stop her but to no avail. He put his hand on his forehead, and the veins
on the back of his hand bulged. He did not know if it was a good thing or not to have a nosy little sister.
Frejya had just finished making spaghetti in her dorm when the door was pushed open from the
outside. Huffing and puffing, Daisie stood at the door and said, “I knew you’d be here, Freyja.” Freyja
was stunned for a few seconds before she lowered her head. “What did you come back for?”

“I come back to look for you!” Freyja froze, but she soon regained her usual calm self after a few
seconds. “How can I help you then?”

Daisie then went straight to the point and asked, “Did Ken threaten you?” Freyja was taken aback and
jerked her head up. “You…” “I knew it! You’re avoiding me because of your jack*ss brother, right?”
Daisie said with confidence. Freyja let out a laugh, and then her face suddenly turned stern. “Daisie, do
you really have to be such a busybody? Who do you think you are to poke into my affairs? In case you
forgot, we’re not friends.” “I didn’t say we’re friends.” Daisie shrugged. “We’re roommates.” Freyja
retracted her gaze and continued. “But you’re not staying here.” Standing akimbo, Daisie said, “My stuff
is here, so I’m still living here. As long as this bed belongs to me, we’re roommates.”

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