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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1664

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Chapter 1664

The situation carried on until a figure slammed his silverware on the table. The sound was not
thunderous, but it was loud enough to shock everyone at the table. The three of them raised their
heads, and Colton had already sat down.

Daisie was stunned for a while and quickly withdrew her hand that was under the table. “Colton…”

Colton and Nollace confronted each other with a series of glares-the two of them looked exceptionally
unpredictable and unfathomable.

Daisie did not dare to say anything at this moment for fear she would say something wrong that would
spark a brawl between Colton and Nollace. In the end, it was Nollace who broke the solemn and
awkward atmosphere. “You rarely come to this dining hall, Colton.”

Victoria College’s dining halls had a wide variety of food, but most of them offered Western food, and
the price was slightly lower.

In addition to the canteens, there were also restaurants in the college that offered inore exotic cuisines.

Most of the students canne from wealthy families, so they

would prefer more exotic and unique delicacies and would choose to eat at more expensive
restaurants. As for Colton, he had always stuck to his favorite Eurasian cuisine and rarely came to the
dining hall for meals.

Colton was expressionless. “You come here for lunch, so why can’t I be here?”

Nollace gave off a faint smile. “Let’s not be too sure about that.”

Colton still could not get used to Nollace’s facade, so he scoffed. “I heard that Lisa tried to seduce you
the other night. Tsk, tsk, tsk, that scene, I really find it hard to believe.”

Daisie became nervous subconsciously. “Colton!”

‘This brat, he’s picked the kettle that’s boiling now!’

However, not only did Nollace not get angry, but he also gave off a grin. “Are you telling me that you
didn’t go through the videos that I sent you, not even once?”

Colton’s expression dimmed, and he gnashed his teeth.” How can the videos pack the same punch as
a first-hand experience? I might at most only need to visit an ophthalmologist after this, but I’m afraid
that you’ll need a dennatologist and urologist to clear you off.”

Daisie was confused. “What videos are you talking about?”

Colion and Nollace both responded in unison all of a

sudden. “It’s none of your business.”

Daisie was rendered speechless.

Freyja laughed out loud, and the three of them diverted their attention to her. She immediately
restrained her smile, went back to being her usual self, and said to Daisie, “It really has nothing to do
with you. They’re talking about romantic martial arts videos. Why must you interject their

Daisie complained aggrievedly , “I’m just asking out of curiosity. Who would know which romantic
martial arts videos they were talking about?” She replied anxiously, “I’ve shown them to you, haven’t


Colton gritted his teeth. “You actually showed her the videos? Have you lost your mind?”

Freyja raised her eyebrows and laughed. “The videos that you posted are open to the whole college ,
so why can’t Daisie watch them?”

Daisie suddenly realized what videos they were talking about, and she was at a loss for words for a

She looked at Colton and Nollace but was unable to look them directly in the eyes, so she picked up
her silverware and stood up. “Perverts!”

She then left without looking back.

Nollace and Colton glared at Freyja, the culprit.

‘She did it on purpose!’

Daisie walked out of the dining hall feeling extremely bothered deep down.

The two of them actually talked about Lisa’s steamy videos when I’m around? All men are indeed
perverts! And I didn’t expect Colton to be such a person too!’

She walked by the academic building and ran into Juliana head-on.

When Juliana saw her, she was momentarily stunned. She then quickly walked past her with her head
lowered. Daisie turned around and stared at the figure that was escaping the scene.

‘As Freyja said, Juliana seems to have changed because of Lisa’s betrayal. She’s become less

On the other side of town…

When Lisa woke up in the hotel room, Donald had already left.

There was a note under the door card on the bedside table. And written on the note was the address of
his villa, which meant that he wanted her to move in with him.

Lisa was both surprised and happy. She did not expect she would be able to win this man over so
easily and live in a

huge villa, all thanks to Lara.

She walked into the bathroom with a towel on.

After freshening herself, she went to the restaurant downstairs, enjoyed the free breakfast offered by
the hotel, and then checked out from the hotel.

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