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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1666

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Chapter 1666

Controlling one and working against the other was better than letting two smart women work together
and putting Daisie in danger. There wasn’t a need for him to do anything to Lisa because she wouldn’t
last long. At that moment, Lisa took a cab heading toward the address of the villa written on the note.

She hadn’t told Ivanka that she was chased out of the Knowles. If she could use that man to turn things
around, she would do her best to get out of Ivanka’s control.

The cab stopped nearby. Lisa looked out the window and saw that it was pitch black around. There
wasn’t a huge villa as she had imagined, but it was an abandoned construction site.

The yellow road lights lit up the way, but everything else was in darkness.

She paused and questioned the driver, “Are we at the wrong place?” The driver didn’t reply but
suddenly turned off the lights, Lisa realized that she was in danger, so she opened the door and rushed

After running a few steps, a few men came out from the site and blocked her path.

The men dragged her into a lightly lit room. Lisa was slapped across the face because she was crying
and struggling, then fell to the ground.

She shuddered and saw the men walk closer, her eyes filled with fear. She tried to stop them. “What
are you doing? I… I belong to Mr. Donald Matthews.” The leader laughed. “Belong to Mr. Matthews?
You’re funny. Do you really think you slept with him last night?”

Lisa’s expression froze. “What do you mean?” The man walked forward and grabbed her face, then
flashed a wide smile. “He doesn’t just pick any woman, especially not a prostitute, the woman that the

Knowles abandoned. How many men did you sleep with when you were working?” Lisa’s face turned
pale upon hearing how he was mocking her.

She never suspected that the man from last night was Donald. She just thought that she was
blindfolded because he had a kink.

She wasn’t allowed to remove her blindfold the entire time.

She never saw Donald until the morning except for keys

to a villa and a note with an address.

But the truth was, she had no idea with whom she had slept last night.

Not only that, they knew everything.

The man grabbed her chin and pulled her closer. “I still remember how sultry you looked last night. Why
not let my brothers have a taste of that tonight?”

Lisa’s face was devoid of color in his hand, her eyes dead.

The next day, during the weekend…

When Daisie woke up, it was already 9:30 a.m. She washed up and went downstairs. Her hair was
neatly tied into a bun, and she was wearing a chiffon dress, looking very adorable.

She walked into the living room and saw someone sitting on the couch, which surprised her. “You”

Nollace sat cross-legged on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand. He looked at her and raised his

The housekeeper came out with some tea, then smiled and said, “Morning, ma’am. Your boyfriend has
been waiting for you since early this morning. I didn’t wake you up because I was worried that you
weren’t rested enough.”

Daisie didn’t say anything and turned around to run upstairs.

After ten minutes, she came back down. She had changed into a different outfit and combed her hair

She stopped in front of him and asked, “How did you get in?»

Nollace put the cup down and smiled. “Your bodyguards let me in because they know that I’m your
boyfriend.” Daisie’s lips twitched . ‘How could the bodyguards that Dad picked have believed him so

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