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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1668

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Chapter 1668

“Can she not tiptoe?” Nollace chuckled, “Lisa got to where she was because of Ivanka. If Ivanka
wanted to use her, she would have planned to control her. If she knew

that Lisa was planning to ditch her, no matter where she would go, she would be blocked.” When Lisa
fell into the hands of Donald’s people, and once she realized that she had nowhere else to go, Ivanka
would be her way out. If she cut Ivanka off, it would be the end of her.

Edison looked into the rearview mirror. He had never been disappointed with Nollace’s tactics during all
the years that he had worked for him.

Even Donald had told the people in the black market that the Knowles kid was a wolf, and if he
offended him now, he might bite him in the future. If that didn’t kill him, he would still need to pay with a
pound of flesh.

Lisa was just a clown to him. She kept challenging Nollace, so it would be weird if he let her off.


When Lisa woke up, she was in a hospital. The construction site workers had found her in the morning,
and she was barely holding on while covered in blood from head to toe.

The nurse came in and saw that she was awake. “Did something happen to you? We can make a
police report on your behalf.”

Lisa wanted to say something when a few men entered. Donald followed them with a smile. “Ma’am,
sorry for causing trouble.”

He handed her a name card. She took it over, and her hand shook when she saw the name. “Mr.
Matthews …”

Donald patted her shoulder and looked friendly. “How is she?”

The nurse couldn’t stop shaking and looked pale.” Tearing… severe infection. She will need a urine bag
for a while.”


Donald sat down at the edge of the bed and patted the back of her hand, still having a smile on his
face, which looked creepy. “Take a good rest then. You need to get back to work once you’re feeling

Lisa was mortified with her experience from the previous night. Her voice was hoarse when she started
crying. “I’m sorry… Please let me go…”

“What are you talking about?” Donald leaned in. He heard it but pretended not to hear it as a warning.

Lisa ground her teeth. She had to give herself a chance to

survive, “It was Lara’s idea. She wanted to introduce me to you.”

Donald squinted, then asked a man to come over.

The man stood behind him with his head hanging low. Donald grabbed him by his collar and asked with
a smile, “What did they do? They’ve broken her, and now I have to clean this up?”

They were most afraid when Donald smiled. The man took a gulp. “I’m sorry… sir, it was my fault. I’ll
remind them the next time.” “There won’t be a next time. Mr. Livingston from Haniston will be coming to

Yaramoor for a while. Once she recovers, send her over to serve him, you got that?” Donald
smoothened his collar. The man nodded. “Yes, sir!”

Donald turned to look at her, “Take care of your health and help me make some money. I’ll treat you

He got up and left the room with his men.

Lisa cried quietly while holding the bed sheets tight. ‘How did it get to this!? That isn’t fair! Why do I
have to be treated so cruelly!?’

She held out a hand to get the phone on the table and called Ivanka.

At the Victoria Business College’s library…

Daisie stood in front of the racks looking for reference books about performance. She looked up and
saw that the book was kept high up, so she had to stand on her toes to get it.

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