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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1669

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Chapter 1669

Before Daisie could touch it, someone took it from behind. “Are you looking for this?”

Daisie turned around and was surprised.

The man behind her had healthy tanned skin and looked slightly middle-eastern. He had black curly
hair, beautiful features, deep-set eyes, and light pupils. He looked unique.

But most importantly, he looked familiar.

The man smiled and showed off his white teeth, “Don’t you remember me? We were in a perfume ad

Daisie was shocked. “It’s you?”

She took a closer look, and his features matched the young model she had worked with.

He nodded, then handed the book to her, “I’m Ayan.”

Daisie took the book from him and asked, “Are you a student here too? I’ve never seen you in the
Drama, Theatre, and Film classes.”

“I’m not a student in that course.” Ayan looked at her and smiled. “To be exact, I’m from the Art School.”

The Royal College of Victoria was split into the business side and the art side. The art course was
huge, so it was

upgraded into a school.

It was normal that she hadn’t met everyone in college even till then.

“Daisie , have you found your books?” Freyja , who was waiting for her, walked over.

Daisie leaned on the rack and squinted. “I was wondering why you were taking so long. Turns out
there’s a man here.”

Daisie choked. “Nonsense. We were in the perfume ad and bumped into each other here.”

She looked at Ayan and waved the book in her hand,” Thanks for this. We have plans, so we need to
leave now. See you later.”

Ayan smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

Daisie left with Freyja.

After leaving the library, Freyja suddenly laughed. “You were in an ad campaign with Ayan Haris?”

Daisie paused. “You know who he is?”

“He is the face of the Art School, a walking sculpture. Just go see the work of the Art School, and you’ll

Even though Daisie wasn’t from the Art School, she understood what ‘walking sculpture’ meant.

When the art students painted people, they needed’

models’, the more unique they looked, handsome, athletic ones would be preferred among the
students, and that was why Freyja said that he was the face of the Art School

Daisie hesitated and asked shyly, “Do you mean nude paintings?”

Freyja choked on her saliva and coughed into her hand, then cried, laughing, “Do you want to take a

“I never said that.”

Freyja put her hand on her shoulder and laughed. “If you want to take a look, just look at Nollace. I
believe he would be happy about it.”

She suddenly blushed. “No, don’t put ideas in my head.” “There’s no need for that.” Freyja saw through
her.“ Women are hornier than men. Would you say you never thought about Nollace that way?”

Daisie immediately avoided eye contact.

Freyja leaned in closer. “You have a handsome and charming boyfriend who people drool over. Are you
not going to take a bite?”

Daisie’s face started burning. “Don’t tease me.”

Freyja laughed. “I don’t think you’ll be able to contain yourself if another woman like Lisa starts showing
up around him.”

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