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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1671

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Chapter 1671

Ayan asked in confusion, “Special?”

“Please don’t get me wrong. What I’m trying to say is that you have an outstanding appearance. You
look just like those ancient Perxians from the painting.”

In Yaramoor, most of the people were fair-skinned, and it made Ayan stand out a lot regardless of his
appearance or temperament.

Ayan smiled and said, “Thank you for your compliment.”

The car soon arrived at his destination. After he bade Daisie goodbye, he got out of the car. As soon as
Daisie returned to Hilton Villas, she saw a familiar car when she got out of her car. It seemed to her that
the car had been waiting here for a long time. The rear window was lowered halfway down, and the
person sitting inside was none other than Nollace.

Daisie was taken aback and walked toward the car. She leaned on the window and asked, “Don’t tell
me you’ve been waiting for me here.”

Nollace looked at her and replied, “I thought you’d come home straight away.” “Well, I just dropped
someone off on the way,” she replied readily.

“Who is it?” Nollace leaned against the side of the door to get closer to her and said, “Is it Ayan Haris?”

She was stunned. “How did you know?”

He chuckled and then asked in a serious manner, “Is he more good-looking than I am?”

Daisie rolled her eyes around and asked, “Why’re you comparing yourself to him?”

“You haven’t answered my question yet.”

“Both of you are good-looking.”

When Daisie saw that his face sank, she chuckled and added unhurriedly, “But in my heart, you’re the
most handsome.”

Nollace retracted his hand and said, “I’m going back.”

When he tried to roll the window up, Daisie asked, “Are you angry with me?” “Of course, I’m not.”

Daisie did not say anything in return. Nollace stretched his arm forward to pinch her cheek and
chuckled. “Do you want me to stay back for a meal?”

Before Daisie could say anything, Nollace opened the door and got out of the car, “Well, since you’ve
asked, I guess I should do you the favor and stay back for a meal then.”

Daisie was rendered speechless.

When the housekeeper saw Daisie had brought her boyfriend back, she went into the kitchen and
prepared a few more dishes for him. While they were having their dinner, Nollace kept looking at her as
if he would become full just by looking at her. Suddenly, the housekeeper asked, “Miss, is your
boyfriend staying for the night?” Daisie was stumped, and she replied, “He—”

Without waiting for her to finish her sentence , Nollace asked with a smile, “Do you have rooms for
guests here?”

The housekeeper was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, we have.”

“Then, please get a guest room ready for me. After all…” He paused for a few seconds and turned his
head sideways to look at Daisie intently as he said, “We haven’t gotten married yet.”

Yaramoor was more liberal about this kind of thing. As long as they reached the appropriate age, both
boys and girls could stay and sleep before getting married. However, there was also a group of
conservative people. They wouldn’t cross the line before they got married, and obviously, Nollace was
the latter one.

The housekeeper replied with a smile, “Sure. I’ll go get

the guest room ready.”

Daisie looked at him in surprise.

Nollace lifted his eyebrows and teased her. “Why does it look to me that you’re rather disappointed?”

“I’m not…” She hastily averted her gaze.

He coiled his finger around a strand of her hair and played around with it. “Could it be that… You want
to do that kind of thing with me?”

Daisie smacked his hand away and replied matter-of factly, “I’m a decent woman.”

The smile on his face broadened.


The housekeeper went back to her house after she finished getting the guest room ready. Daisie led
him to the guest room. The guest room was originally prepared for Colton, but Colton had been rather
busy, so the room had been left vacant. Daisie pressed her lips and said, “I’ll go get you a set of

She hastily walked away and went into her own room. She rummaged through the cupboard as she
remembered that there was a set of new pajamas that was originally prepared for Colton.

Nollace and Colton had the same body size, so she figured that he should be able to wear it.

Holding the pajamas in her hand, she walked toward the guest room. When she pushed open the door,
her heart began to run into a gallop when she saw the scene on the other side of the door.

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