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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1676

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Chapter 1676

Nollace looked down at her. “Why should I be angry?”

“You’re my boyfriend, and I agreed to have dinner with him. Won’t you be angry?”

Nollace squinted, and his palms lingered around her face, caressing her cheek. “As long as you guys
don’t cross the line, I don’t see the need for me to be angry.

“Daisie, you have the right to socialize with friends, and I have no right to interfere with your personal
social life too much. However, if you really were to take a step too far across the line, I can’t guarantee
what I’ll do.”

Seeing that his expression dimmed slightly , Daisie was astonished for a few seconds, “How much is
too much?”

He put his finger on her lips. “Do you know that the most intolerable thing in a relationship is betrayal?
If you were to get too close to another man other than me, I will…”

He pressed his lips against her cheek. “I’ll tie you to me. You won’t even have the chance to leave my
side in the future, and I won’t let you out ever again.”

Daisie’s eyelashes trembled, but she did not say anything.

Nollace chuckled , lifted her cheeks, and stared into her

clear eyes. “Are you afraid now?”

Daisie shook her head and placed her palm on the back of his hand. “I’m not dumb. I’ll become a
cheater if that’s the case.”

Nollace gave off a grin. “Then will you do so?”

“Am I that kind of person to you?” She frowned and continued to whisper, “I don’t even care about

He rubbed the corner of her lips with his fingertips.” Then, do you care about me?”

She blushed and did not answer.

Nollace’s grin widened and intensified. “Okay, I now know that I’m the only person that you care about.”

After Daisie returned home, Nollace raised the car window and restrained his expression. “Look into
Ayan Haris’s background.”

Although he would not interfere with Daisie’s right to make friends, it did not mean that he would not
investigate those people with whom she would become friends.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

It came from Tristan. He answered the call, “Uncle Tristan?” “Jonah Reese died last night. All
emergency rescue

procedures were in vain.”

Nollace was stunned for a moment and then regained his composure. “He died?”


During this period, Jonah had sold all his company’s shares and had gone through the formalities for
him to travel to Southeast Eurasia. Now that the Reeses had lost their power and status in Yaramoor,
all their relatives and friends had cut all connections with them.

Tristan explained earnestly, “Jonah offended a lot of people while he was in power, so it doesn’t
surprise me that someone would want to make a move on him as soon as he lost power.

“Nollace, you didn’t interfere too much with the Reeses’ matter, did you?”

Nollace frowned. “No.”

But he thought that Tristan would not ask him such a question for no reason. “Are you saying that
there’s a possibility that someone out there wants to get me involved in this turmoil?”

“I just need you to be more vigilant and keep your guard up. I don’t think Jonah Reese’s death is an
accident. Rumors have it that the people who got rid of Jonah are somehow related to Donald

Nollace squinted. “Getting rid of Jonah at this time won’t do Donald any good. After all, his motive is a
little too obvious. Most people will only point their fingers at him now that Jonah Reese has died.”

‘Donald isn’t stupid either. Lara did reject him back then, but if he were to try to take revenge now by
killing Jonah only because the Reeses have lost their prestige, he would only expose himself to all
sorts of criticism and suspicions. ‘It seems that someone wants to take advantage of Jonah’s death and
drag Donald and me into this mess at the same time. Making Donald suspect that I’m the one who’s
behind this scheme.

‘I’m indeed the one who came up with the plan to use Lara to get back at Lisa. Lara would not disclose
my identity as the person behind her in order to survive, while Lisa’s fear of death will prevent her from
betraying Lara.’

His face dimmed. “Don’t worry, Uncle Tristan. I’ll take care of this matter.”

Jonah’s death caused a sensation among the public.

No matter what happened, he used to be a very prominent patriarch of a noble family, but he had now
lost power and died unexpectedly, which was quite a pitiful end.

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