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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1663

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Chapter 1663

Lara wore a wide hat, covering half of her face, which was wrapped in bandages. She had not
recovered from her injuries, and when she was discharged from the hospital, her entire face was still
rather inflamed and bloated. Compared to Lisa, who was dressed in an extremely vibrant and
glamorous dress, Lara could not look any more ordinary.

In the past, she would not allow any other woman to look more gorgeous than her and snatch all
attention from her at a party or banquet.

But she could only hope she had made herself ugly enough tonight The waiter brought them to a
private room, and the two men waiting outside the private room pushed the door open for them.

The man sitting in the private room was wearing a blue suit. He had a profound facial profile, a well-
built figure, a typical aquiline nose, and a pair of blue, stern-looking eyes.

He poured a glass of red wine, took a sniff from the glass, and said in a hoarse voice, “I’ve invited you
out for dinner many times before, and you’re finally willing to give me a chance this time around.”

Others might not understand what he meant, but Lara could instantly get his sarcasm. She clenched
her palms subconsciously and walked up to the dining table.

Donald took a glance at Lisa. “Ms. Reese, you even brought a friend along. She looks like a young and
beautiful Zlokovian.”

Before Lara had the chance to speak, Lisa let off a shy smile and introduced herself, “It’s nice to meet
you, Mr. Matthews. My name is Lisa Fraiser.” Her attitude caused Lara to take a meaningful glance at

When a woman was looking at what another woman was trying to do, there was a very high possibility
that she would be able to see that she clearly had ulterior motives. “Ms. Fraiser, your dress looks good
on you.”

Seeing that he was a little interested in herself, Lisa lowered her gaze, trying to conceal her glee.
“Thank you for the compliment. It was given to me by Ms. Reese.”

Donald’s eyes narrowed, and his gaze dimmed slightly.

“No matter how pretty the dress is, I won’t be able to bring out its glamor anyway,” Lara explained
iminediately and touched her cheek subconsciously, trying to indicate something.

‘Donald has always been an oversensitive and distrustful

person. If he were to know that I’ve brought Lisa here with a purpose, I would suffer for it big time.’
Fortunately, Donald did not ask any more questions.

During the meal, Lisa took the initiative to clink glasses with Donald , and Donald seemed to have seen
through her thoughts instantly. However, he did not expose and ruin her plan. He had always been fond
of young and gorgeous-looking women, so he would not refuse anyone who took the initiative to throw
herself at him.

Coupled with Lara’s disfigured face, Donald’s interest in her had steeply decreased compared to
before, so he changed his target midway to Lisa instead.

After dinner, Donald took Lisa away.

Lisa did not expect that this man would take the bait so easily. Thinking that she had successfully
gotten herself another chance at climbing up the social ladder, she couldn’t care less about Lara.

Lara, who was left behind , took out her cell phone and sent a text message to Nollace’s bodyguard.

The next day, at the Victoria College…

Daisie and Freyja were having lunch in the dining hall. Because of the incident-she had almost blurted
something embarrassing when Nollace was around last time-she had been hiding from him for several

But it was unfortunate for her to run into Nollace and a

few of his coursemates in the dining hall. One of the coursemates beside him said something to
Nollace and chuckled , and Nollace turned his head and looked in her direction.

At that moment, they exchanged gazes, and she instantly lowered her head and continued eating.

Freyja turned her head to look over at the group of men.” Did the two of you argue again?”

She almost choked on her food. “Of course not.”

‘It’s even worse than that!’

Nollace walked over and sat next to Daisie. Several of his coursemates laughed at him and made a
scene out of the situation. “Awww, he only eats with his girlfriend now.”

Daisie was only inches away from burying her whole face in her plate, and her ears were flushed.
Nollace propped his hand against the side of his forehead and watched as she ate.

Daisie could not even eat naturally when he was sitting right next to her and staring at her, so she
moved her hand under the table and tried to push him away. However, he grabbed her hand and
rubbed his finger against her palm.

She trembled from head to toe and wanted to pull her hand away, but she could not. Thus, she turned
her head

and glared at him.

He sounded very earnest and solemn. “Eat your lunch and leave me be.”

Daisie lowered her voice. “How do you expect me to eat like this?”

Nollace squinted and smiled. He was starting to like to tease her more frequently so that he would get
to see her blush. She looked extremely enchanting when she was


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