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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1680

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Chapter 1680

“I’m just giving you youngsters a piece of advice. What’s wrong with that?” Sandy picked up the wine
glass and shook it lightly. “Love and emotions are the most unreliable things that you can own in this
world. The things that you like might not stay the same in the future. At the end of the day, only profits
and interests are the most reliable.”

The waiter brought the dishes at this moment, so Sandy put her wine glass aside and picked up her
knife and fork. “Okay, let’s eat first.”

Daisie did not move and remained silent for a long time.“ Mrs. Pruitt, what you just said sounds so
strange. Since you think that relationships, love, and emotions are very unreliable, then why would you
choose to get married back then?”

Sandy’s expression turned a little stiff. “Marriage? Does it have anything to do with love or emotions?
You’re still too naïve, girl.”

Daisie took a deep breath and looked at Brandon, who had

you think so too?”

“About this…” Brandon took a glance at Sandy subconsciously.

Daisie was surprised. “Could it be that you didn’t get married because of love?”

Sandy looked rather upset. “Ms. Vanderbilt, this is a matter between the two of us.”

It seemed that her question had invaded their privacy.

“Are you saying that I can’t say anything about my elders ‘affairs? Then who gave you elders the
authority to give so many comments about us youngsters? You’ve given me so much advice just now,
telling me not to hold high expectations when it comes to my relationship. Are you trying to persuade
me into breaking up with Nollace?”

‘It’s no wonder the advice sounds so strange. It didn’t sound as if she was giving us her blessing, but
the other way around.’

Sandy scoffed. “How much do you know about Nollace? That kid is not as simple as you think he is. Do
you think he really likes you or your background?”

Freyja could not stand it anymore and stood up. “Mother, you’ve overstepped.” “Presumptuous.” Sandy
slammed her silverware heavily against the table. “Fey, I dare to tell her the truth about how the two of
you met in the first place, and does it have something to do with Nollace?

“You listen to everything that Nollace asks you to do, but you never listened so diligently to what Ken
and I have

told you all this while. Are you trying to tell me that you’re old enough to make your own decision, so
you don’t plan to listen to what we say anymore?”

Freyja bit her lip and did not dare to look straight at Daisie because she had indeed approached Daisie
due to Nollace.

After a long silence, Daisie responded with a smile. “I know.”

Freyja was startled.

Daisie continued. “Nollace is worried that I will run into some problems at college, so he asked Freyja
to keep an eye on me. Freyja was not so enthusiastic about being friends with me at first. I was the one

who shamelessly took the initiative to approach her and make friends with her in the first place.”

Sandy choked on her own words as she did not expect such a response.

Daisie turned around and looked at Freyja. “I was the one who approached you at first and not the
other way around, so you don’t have to feel sorry.”

After saying that, she looked at Sandy. “Mrs. Pruitt, Freyja is your daughter, but you don’t even care
about how she’s doing in college. All you care about is who she’s in contact with at college. Hence,
please don’t tell me that Freyja is just a tool to you?”

Sandy’s expression turned gloomy in an instant, and she snorted. “You’re born with a silver spoon in
your mouth, so you naturally don’t understand those who aren’t born into a prestigious family like yours.
Fey is different from you, I believe that you always get whatever you want in your life as long as you
want it, but when Fey wants something, she’ll have to fight for it herself.

“So, because she’s my daughter, I hope that she can one day be successful. What parent wouldn’t
want their children to stand out among the younger generation ?”

“Thinking from her point of view, what she said isn’t wrong, but the only mistake that she’s made is that
she’s never asked Freyja for her opinion. She’s never asked Freyja if that’s what she really wants.’

Daisie suddenly realized that she had nothing much to talk about with Sandy. They did not share the
same concept and values in life, so it was only natural for them not to coincide.

Freyja dragged Daisie out of her seat abruptly. “Mother, excuse us, but we’re done with this meal.”

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