Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1689

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Chapter 1689

Daisie nodded. “Alright.”

“Go rest.”

Daisie walked into the villa and took a look at Colton, who was outside, then looked down. She balled
her hands into fists.

The next day, Daisie sat in the seats and watched the students who were late practicing their catwalk.

When Ayan came over, he brought drinks for everyone who was practicing and was very friendly. They
were all very nice to him too.

He kept one bottle of drink, walked toward Daisie, sat down next to her, and handed the bottle to her. “I
just bought this.”

Daisie took it. “Thanks.”

But she didn’t drink it. She just placed it on her right and continued watching the training.

Ayan looked at her. “You seem to have been here pretty early.”

“I can rest early if I reach early.” Daisie turned around and smiled. “Have you found a partner?”

Ayan shrugged, “Not yet.”

“I can introduce someone to you.” Daisie smiled. “We have a few girls from my class that are good.”

Ayan’s expression froze, but he chuckled in the blink of an eye. “That’s too much to ask.”

Daisie waved her hand. “Not at all. They have time, so it’s up to you.” “What if…” Ayan’s eyes were
fixed on her face. “If I want to partner up with you?”

Daisie looked down and looked sorry. “I’m sorry, my boyfriend isn’t alright with that.”

“I thought your boyfriend wasn’t here?”

“He’s not, but it’d be different if he heard it from someone else.” Daisie looked calm. “I don’t want my
boyfriend to misunderstand.”

“You seem different today.” Ayan looked over. Daisie seemed to be more insistent in her rejection
today. She would usually just sidestep and wouldn’t say no.

“Really?” Daisie chuckled. “Maybe I slept late last night and suddenly figured it out. I shouldn’t let him
down when he trusts me so much.”

She packed her bag and left.

At that moment, Ayan’s phone rang. It was Ken.

He turned to look at Daisie to make sure that she had

walked away before he picked up. “I’m afraid I’ll have to let you down. She seems to be avoiding me.”
Ken was silent for a few seconds. “I guess you blew your cover.”

Ayan got up and walked to a corner. “Mr. Pruitt, you should get someone else for this mission. I won’t
be able to pull it off.”

“There’s nothing that you can’t pull off. It’s fine if your cover is blown, but the Goldmanns will have to
accept it as long as she becomes yours.”

Ayan paused. “What do you mean?” Ken buttoned up his suit with one hand. “You’ve been with women.
There’s no need for me to teach you how to get them into bed.” “Are you crazy? I’m not going to risk it.”
He didn’t want to follow in the Reeses’ footsteps.

“Why are you worried? If you get her, you’ll have leverage, and they won’t be able to touch you.”

Ayan was quiet, and his hand tightened around the phone. Ken hung up. He tossed the phone onto the
desk, and a redhead in a lace nightie hugged him from behind, “Mr. Pruitt, were you happy with my
performance last night?”

Ken looked up and glanced at the seductive woman behind him through the mirror. “It doesn’t matter if


He turned around and grabbed her chin. “You need to make Mr. Matthews happy.”

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