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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1687

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Chapter 1687

Nollace’s eyes filled with love. “Sure.”

He got Edison to get the tickets and then went into a cabin while holding Daisie’s hand.

The bright neon lights outside reflected on the glass. Daisie stood in front of the window with her hands
pressed against the glass. Her heart beat quickly while the lights flickered below.

Nollace stared at her face, which was full of delight, and didn’t want the beautiful moment to end. He
was glad to just be able to see her like that.

“I heard that couples who take a Ferris wheel together end up breaking up, but if they kiss when they’re
at the highest point, they will stay together forever, is it true?”

Daisie turned to look at him and stared straight into his deep eyes.

Nollace never believed the legend of the Ferris wheel because even if it didn’t exist, he would stay with
her forever.

But when he looked at her innocent face and eyes that were full of hope, he gulped. He put out his
hand, held her by her wrist, and pulled her into his arms. “Is this what you mean?”

The Ferris wheel was already at the highest point, so he leaned down and kissed her, and the kiss was
deeper than usual.

Daisie leaned in his arms and looked at his face, which was inches away.

Her heartstrings were pulled and startled to ripple.

Time seemed to have stopped at that moment.

A few minutes later, they got out of the cabin. The lights around shone bright and hid her flushed

Daisie missed a step and stumbled , but Nollace caught her and laughed. “Are your knees weak?”

Her face was even hotter. “Nonsense!”

Anyone would misunderstand if they heard that.

Edison waited for them next to the car, opened the door, and let Daisie get in once they walked back.
Nollace asked him to send her back to the Hilton Villas

The car drove toward the destination while the lights outside shone in.

Daisie looked at him through the corner of her eyes.

He had his head resting on his fist while leaning against the window. His collar was unbuttoned, and he
looked lazy.

Suddenly, her phone rang, and she jumped. When she saw that Colton was calling, she immediately
picked up, but Nollace took her phone in the next second. “She’s with me.”

When he heard Nollace’s voice, Colton paused for two seconds. “Knowles, don’t you think you’re going
too far?”

He had asked him to keep an eye on Ayan but had taken his sister away!?

Nollace turned to look at Daisie and smiled. “We’re on a date. I’m not going too far.”

“You have ten minutes to bring her back to the villa.”

Colton ended the call.

Daisie took the phone and whispered, “Is Colton angry?”

Nollace ran his fingers over her hair. “Don’t worry. He’s


She didn’t believe him because the Colton she knew would be furious that she was on a date with

The car parked outside the villa, and as expected, Colton was standing outside on the porch and glared
at them while they walked in.

Daisie walked forward and smiled, “I’m sorry, Colton. I’ll come home earlier next time.” Colton pushed
her inward. “Don’t worry, go inside.”

Daisie didn’t know what to say.

She stopped at the doorway and was worried that Colton would do something to Nollace, so she quietly
hit behind a pillar. The two men stood in the garden, but she couldn’t hear what they were saying.

She ground her teeth and walked toward the flowerbed under the dim light.

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