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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1696

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Chapter 1696

Colton’s expression looked as restrained as always. “Is there anyone else here besides you?”

Freyja chuckled. “You’re being so polite. If something were to happen to Daisie, I wouldn’t be able to
explain it to Nollace.” As soon as she said that, she took a closer look at Colton.” You don’t seem to be
doing a good job as an elder brother.”

Colton’s face looked sullen.

Before he could say anything, Freyja had already left without looking back. Daisie walked downstairs
and saw Colton standing at the entryway, changing out of his shoes, so she walked over.” Colton.”

Colton asked, “Where’s the housekeeper?”

She explained with a smile , “The housekeeper’s son is sick today, and I asked her to take the day off
to take care of him.”

“Have you eaten lunch?”

Seeing that he had rolled up his sleeves and walked to the kitchen, Daisie caught up to him. “Are you
going to


Colton washed his hands. “Otherwise , would you do it?” In the past, when Waylon was around, it was
he who cooked for the three of them, and Waylon’s cooking skills were as good as their father’s.
Although Colton’s cooking was never as delicious as Waylon’s, he was at least much better than her
when it came to cooking. Daisie pulled out a chair, sat down at the dining table, and waited. Soon,

Colton prepared his most skilled egg-fried rice and brought it to the table. From how the rice looked, it
was not very pleasing to the eyes, but the taste was satisfactory to her.

She picked up the spoon, took a big mouthful, and let off a hum. “Colton, the egg-fried rice is the only
meal that you can put on the table.” Colton fetched her another bowl of beef stew. “Cut the crap and
just eat.”

She bit the spoon and grinned.

Colton sat across from her and watched her eat. After a while, he cleared his throat. “That girl is barely
worthy of being your friend.”

‘That girl?’

Daisie lifted her gaze and wondered.

After a while, she realized who he was referring to. “Do

you mean Freyja?”

Colton leaned back in the chair and looked away. “Who else are you with besides her?”

Daisie sneered suddenly. “Didn’t you tell me to stay away from Freyja before?”

He did not respond.

‘Before this, I suspected that she had an ulterior motive. Apart from that, she’s also Ken’s sister, that’s
why I’ve been so rude to her.

‘But when Ayan took Daisie away, Freyja’s expression as she was rushing around to locate Daisie
wasn’t something one could imitate. I can still tell the difference whether it’s true or not.’

Seeing that Daisie was staring at him, Colton turned his face away and snorted. “Although I won’t stop
you from being friends with her, don’t get too close to her. People change.”

Daisie lowered her gaze. “But Freyja knew that Ken wanted to use me and told me to be more careful
of Ken. Actually, she could have helped Ken to deal with me so that she wouldn’t have to be
threatened.” ‘But Freyja didn’t do that. Ken would rather threaten her.’

Colton looked at her. “How did she get threatened?”

“Her family is so cold and ruthless, whether it’s Ken or

her mother. Freyja is only about the same age as me, but her family actually threatened her to marry
her to someone else.”

‘Marrying her to gain benefits , isn’t it an act of selling their daughter? And if the other party is a middle-
aged man who’s old enough to be her father, won’t that ruin Freyja’s life completely?’

She bit her lip. “Colton, I want to help Freyja.”

Colton frowned. “Does she need you to intervene in her affairs?”

“But she defied Ken and got threatened because of me. How can you say that this has nothing to do
with me?” For the first time, Colton was rendered speechless.

Daisie stretched out her hand and tugged the hem of his sleeve. “Colton, I know you’re the best. You’ll
help me with this, won’t you?”

Maggie had just undergone plastic surgery, and while she was still in hospital, Ken came to visit her.

He sat beside the bed and greeted her with a caring tone.” How do you feel? Does it still hurt?”

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