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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1697

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Chapter 1697

Maggie was lying on the bed, her whole face was wrapped in gauze, and she pretended to be
exasperated. “It hurts as f*ck! Everything is still swollen.”

“It’ll recover in a few months.” Ken held the back of her hand. “Don’t worry, Mr. Matthews won’t get tired
of your face so quickly.”

Maggie’s eyes shifted from side to side. “But what if he gets tired of me?”

Ken had a smile on his face, but there was not even a hint of merriment in his eyes. “If he gets bored of
you, I’ll get someone to pick you up and out of his place.”


“Yeah, you should rest first.” Ken got up and walked to the door.

At that moment, one of his men stopped beside him.

“Sir.” When his man approached his ear and whispered something into it, Ken’s face dimmed instantly,
and he immediately ignored the person lying in the ward and left with them.

After waiting for them to leave , Maggie took out her cell phone, sent Nollace a text, and deleted the
text right after it was sent.

On the other side of the city…

Nollace received Maggie’s text message. He took a glance at it and put the phone back in his pocket.

Edison came out of the ward. “Mr. Knowles , the doctor said Ayan’s life has been saved, but I’m afraid
he’ll have to get amputated.” Nollace squinted slightly. “Ken, that fella is really ruthless.”

Edison guessed Ken’s intention too. “Yes, if you hadn’t been more vigilant, I’m afraid that he would’ve
died long ago. Ayan is with us. If he were to die while he’s here, it’d be very unfavorable to you.” Once
Nollace was charged with murder, the Knowles would probably be dragged into the public opinion’s

Nollace scoffed. “However, he didn’t know that I did it on purpose.”

‘Pulling out Ayan’s nails and sending them to Ken was to let Ken know that Ayan was our captive. And
in order to keep his mouth shut, he would definitely make a move on Ayan. Ken was not in a hurry
because he bet that Ayan wouldn’t betray him and confess so quickly. As such, he chose to take action
when I wasn’t paying attention.

‘Unfortunately, he’s way too bumptious.

A great general wants the people around him to bow down to him, be loyal, and not turn to ruthless
means whenever things go wrong. However, Ken uses the people around him to the extreme. He’s
extremely conceited and arrogant and kicks anyone away from him the second they run out of value.
How can such a general ever get loyal soldiers?

‘But it’s thanks to Ken’s conceit that Maggie has sided with me. Interestingly, Maggie and his trusted
subordinate Ean had gotten together secretly long ago. It’s a piece of cake for her whenever she wants
to know more about Ken’s schedule and affairs.’

Edison looked at him. “Then I’ll get more men to keep an eye on Ayan.”

Nollace nodded and left immediately.

At a private villa in the suburbs, in the study room…

Ken grabbed the collar of his subordinate and gnashed his teeth. “Tell me now, how did it fail!?”

The subordinate explained tremblingly, “I… We’re not sure either. We were all fully prepared, and he
was on the brink of dying already at the time, but someone else discovered us.”

Ken thrust him away and slammed his fist on the desk, causing the whole desk to wobble.

Ean, who was watching from the side, took a glimpse at

the subordinate and walked up to Ken. “Perhaps , we’ve been set up.” Ken calmed down, gnashed his
teeth, and smirked. “That boy, Nollace Knowles, I’ve underestimated him. He’s indeed the future
patriarch of the Knowles.”

Ean lowered his gaze. “The young master of the Knowles escaped the pursuit and assassination that
Madam Knowles cooked up for him when he was only a few years old. Since he has survived to this
day, it means he’s not someone to be trifled with.”

Ken narrowed his eyes. “But who would know exactly when I planned to put an end to Ayan’s life?”

Ken’s words made Ean tense subconsciously, but his expression was unchanged. “Do you mean that
someone leaked the plan?”

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