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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1698

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Chapter 1698

Ken glared toward his men. Everyone panicked in an instant. “Sir, we really have no idea about this!
We’ll never betray you!”

“Ean, what did Maggie do before the surgery?” Ken’s eyes were fixed on Ean’s face.

He was clearly doubting Maggie.

Beads of cold sweat rolled down Ean’s back as he lowered his head and replied, “She didn’t contact
anyone three days before the surgery. She only asked me about Mr. Matthews, and it seemed that she
was preparing herself.”

Ken did not utter a single word. Although he had doubts about Maggie, she had never had any
interaction with the Knowles.

He then scoffed. “Doesn’t she blame me for sending her over to Donald?”

The question implied that Maggie might betray him because she did not like this arrangement.

Ean explained calmly, “But Ayan is a nobody to her. So even if she has a grudge against you, she
doesn’t need to do anything with Ayan’s matter.”

Feeling that what he said made some sense, Ken stopped

talking, turned around, and ordered, “Go and look into all the men who are working for me.”

Ean nodded and left with the other subordinates.

The next day, at the college… Daisie was resting in between rehearsals. She went to the restroom and
heard the conversation between two girls as soon as she arrived at the door.

“Isn’t Ayan the son of a wealthy family? Is that a fake identity?” “I just met his father at the college. He
looks nowhere near a filthy rich man, okay? Ayan’s real name is Fritz, and Ayan Haris is only his stage

“His father still doesn’t know about the fact that he’s been suspended from school. He’s been waiting at
the academician’s office for a long time. It’s really pitiful to watch.”

Daisie, who was hiding behind the wall, was rendered speechless as a series of thoughts went through
her mind.

At the academician’s office…

A middle-aged man who was wearing simple but neat clothes was standing downstairs. The two
security guards tried to persuade him to leave, but he refused to do so.

Daisie looked around and walked toward the middle-aged man. “Hello.”

The middle-aged man turned to look at her and nodded.“ And you are?” “Are you Ayan’s father? He…
He’s not here in college.” The middle-aged man’s expression looked distressed. After a long while, he
asked, “Did he really own illegal drugs?” Daisie did not dare to look straight at him. “Ayan may have
been deceived too. He’s been temporarily suspended while the college investigates the matter and
hasn’t been delisted from school, right?”

A glimmer of hope seemed to have appeared on the middle-aged man’s anguished face. “Yes, my son
hasn’t been delisted by the college. He’s not that kind of person. That child must have been framed.”

Daisie pursed her lips and was about to say something , but she saw the man’s devastated and
scarred hands.

Those hands were full of calluses, cracks, and scars—the severity of their condition was something
that she had never seen before. And an indescribable feeling surged deep within Daisie.

The pair of hands were protecting a package in his arms, and it seemed that the contents of the
package were very important to him.

She returned to her senses and asked carefully, “Sir, are you here to deliver something to Ayan?”

“Yes, I’ve brought his favorite cranberries for him, but I couldn’t reach him…” The hands holding onto
the package tightened, and he looked worried.

Daisie said with a smile, “Sir, if you trust me, you can hand it to me. I’ll deliver it to Ayan and convey
your message when he returns to the college in a few days.”

“Yeah, of course. Thank you very much.”

He handed the package to Daisie and left. Daisie walked toward the dormitory building with the heavy
package in her arms. Downstairs, she just happened to run into Nollace, who was getting out of the car.
Thus, she smiled and trotted forward. “Nollace.” Nollace smiled. “Has the rehearsal ended?”

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