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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1700

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Chapter 1700

Daisie had grown up in a very protective household , just like a delicate flower that was raised in a
greenhouse and had never experienced a single storm in its life. So, how could she have seen such

That was especially so when he was related to why Ayan got tortured in the first place.

Another reason Nollace did not dare to tell Daisie about Ayan was that he was worried she would learn
about his involvement.

That was why he had only left his good side to Daisie.

At the same time, on the other side of the city, in the Pruitt manor…

The sound of a slap resounded in the living room.

Freyja’s face was turned to the side, and her cheek flushed. She did not scream out of pain but listened
to Sandy’s reprimand. “Just whose side are you on? Your brother’s plan almost succeeded, and you’ve
ruined it!”

As long as Daisie and Nollace could no longer get along because of this incident, Ken would have the
opportunity to use this incident to get a hold of the daughter of the Goldmanns.

However, she did not expect this ungrateful daughter of hers would betray her own family! Freyja
stared at her furious mother and asked calmly, ” Mother, I don’t hope to see you two walk down a path
of no return. Do you really think the Goldmanns are a family you can deal with?”

Sandy sneered. “It’s not up to you to decide whether I can handle them or not. I only want the daughter
of the Goldmanns to break up with that b*stard, Nollace.”

“Didn’t Nollace take a fancy to Daisie only because of the Goldmanns’ status and power that she had
behind her? If she doesn’t have the Goldmanns to back her up, how would he possibly even take a
closer look at her?”

What Sandy said did not surprise Freyja at all as she had gotten used to it long ago. “Ken did inherit all
his conceit from you.”

“How dare you talk back to me!?” Sandy slapped her again.

Freyja’s ears buzzed this time around, and the hand hanging by her side clenched tightly.

It seemed like that was not sufficient for Sandy to vent her exasperation, however. Thus, she yelled at

servants, “Bring me the whip!”

The scivants looked at each other in dismay but did not chair to say a word, so they did as ordered.

Sandy grabbed the whip and pointed it at her. “You, kneel before me.”

Freyja knelt on the ground. Sandy swung the leather whip at her body, and the excruciating pain made
Freyj’s body tense up. Every inch of her flesh that ended up covered in whip marks hid well under her
clothes as they trembled from the agony. Freyja did not let off any sound, not even a whimper, and
gnashed her teeth. Beads of cold sweat rolled down from the edge of her jaw, and blood was drained
away from her lips. The pain gradually turned into numbness, and the thin sleeves were eventually
dyed red. The series of whipping did not stop until the whip snapped.

Freyja could feel the pain of her skin splitting and the quiver that took place within the muscle tissues
that were now exposed to the air.

Sandy threw the broken leather whip away and pointed to the door. “Useless piece of sh*t, lock her in
the warehouse . And before she asks for mercy, no one is to give her a single drop of water without my

Freyja’s cell phone was confiscated, and she was locked away.

There was no window in the warehouse , only ventilation pipes. As such, it was extremely warm,
especially now that it was summer.

Freyja sat down slowly along the corner of the wall and gasped in pain when she seemed to have torn
her wounds. She could not lie down completely, so she could only lean on her side. The warehouse
door was closed, and the space around her turned into darkness in an instant.

Two days later, near the end of the month, the college’s anniversary started.

The T-stage for the show had been built and decorated, and the lighting and backdrop gave the hall a
grandeur comparable to the Sheena Fashion Week, which looked solemn and splendid.

Daisie tried on her costume backstage and repeatedly sent Freyja text messages via her cell phone,
but Freyja had not responded since the last text, which had been sent two days ago.

She could not help but worry.

Suddenly, she received a text message from Freyja on her cell phone. (Pruitt manor, the young lady
has been locked up by Mrs. Pruitt.)

Daisie got up immediately, dashed out to the corridor,

and called Colton. “Colton, something happened to Freyja!” At the Pruitt manor.

Sandy sat in the living room, arranging flowers and ignoring the fact that Freyja was still locked in the

Brandon came home from a business trip at this time and learned about the things that had transpired
two days ago, so he entered the living room and asked, “You’ve locked Fey in the warehouse for two

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