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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1712

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Chapter 1712

Someone knocked on the door, and Ean walked into the study. “Sir, are you looking for me?”

“I asked you to find the traitor. Have you looked into it or not?” Ken glared at him with his gloomy eyes.

Ean lowered his head and seemed to have an idea of how he should respond. “Sir, I’ve already
checked it out, but I haven’t been able to confirm my investigation just yet.”

“Why the f*ck would it take you so long to confirm something !” Ken swept all the documents off the
table, walked up to Ean, and grabbed the front of his shirt.“ Who is it?”

Ean clenched the hands that were resting on his sides and replied, “It’s Mr. Matthews’s men. He and
Nollace have already joined forces, and they know you planned to use Mr. Reese’s death to frame

The veins on the back of Ken’s hand bulged. “Why would Nollace have evidence of the cause of Jonah
Reese’s death? I remember asking you to eradicate every piece of evidence related to his death.”

He glared at Ean and lowered his voice. “Did you betray me?”

Ean was sweating profusely on his back. “Sir, why would

you think I betrayed you? And how would I do so?”

Ken looked at him and seemed to want to capture some hint from his expression. After a short
moment, Ken let go of him, turned around, and stopped in front of the window. “Ean, how have I treated
you all this while?”

Ean lowered his gaze and took a deep breath. “You’ve been very kind to me, sir.”

“I’m glad that you know that. Now, it’s time for you to repay me.”

Ean was startled.

Ken turned his head, and his gaze stopped on Ean’s face.” I’ll pay you a sum of money to take the fall
for me. And I’ll still hire you when you get out of prison.” After Ean left the room, Ken made a phone
call. “Book two boat tickets for me to Bilmark. I’ll be leaving tomorrow. As for Ean, he can’t be spared.”

He did not believe that Ean would take the blame for him and not sell him out to the police. For the
sake of making sure, he could only sacrifice him. Colton answered Nollace’s call in the afternoon and
came to the hospital. Freyja was slightly flustered when it was mentioned that the police were
searching for Ken.

Daisie turned to look at her.

‘Ken is her brother, after all. It’s inevitable for her to feel

a mixture of emotions when she hears the news.’ Colton crossed his arms and looked at Nollace. “Are
you sure that the evidence is sufficient? Didn’t you let him be released due to insufficient evidence?”

“The evidence is fake.”


Colton frowned, only to watch as Nollace continued calmly. “But the witness is real.”

Ken had destroyed all the evidence long ago, and the one who had helped him destroy the evidence
was Ean. All Nollace had done was create fake evidence in advance and use Maggie as a key person
to pull Ean over to his side, leaving Ken in the dark and in chaos.

Colton supported his chin with his hand and pondered for a while. “Is the witness reliable?”

Nollace chuckled. “We’ll just have to wait for the outcome.”

Colton did not say anything else. He did not know why he had chosen to put his trust in Nollace, but he
hoped he did not trust the wrong person.

In the middle of the night, Ken’s party had already arranged a safe route for tomorrow night. However,
for safely’s sake, he had already left the villa in the suburbs,

and even the villa’s servants did not know his whereabouts.

At the wharf, the factory building located on the east side of the cargo containers was still lit, and Ken’s
men stepped into the building and stopped beside him. “Sir, there’s news from our men who were
lurking at Ean’s residence and were about to make a move. But the police appeared out of nowhere for
an investigation and took Ean away.”

Ken’s eyes dimmed. “When did that happen?”

“One o’clock in the afternoon.”

Ken’s expression became gloomier and gloomier.

‘At one o’clock in the afternoon? That’s half an hour after Ean left. The police have made a move so
quickly? Or is it an ambush?’ He calmed down. “At what time will the boat arrive?”

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