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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1714

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Chapter 1714

Lara’s scalp hurt, looking at the exasperated face and the bloodshot eyes in front of her. “You killed my
father, and you’re planning to get away with this? I can’t let you succeed, Ken Pruitt. Someone like you
should go to hell!” “If I’m going to hell, what about you?” Ken approached her with a hint of contempt.
“You’re the one who caused the Reeses to fall to where they are today. Do you really think Nollace
would help you willingly? He’s just using you. Don’t forget, if I hadn’t disfigured you, you would’ve
already fallen into Donald’s hands and wished you had died.”

Lara spat at him.

Ken turned his face away, his cheeks bulged, and then he slapped her with a backhand.

Her body tilted, and blood could be seen oozing out of the corner of her mouth. But she laughed
hysterically . “At least I get to see your true colors. Even if I were to fall into Donald’s hands, I still think
that it’d be better than staying by your side.”

Ken grabbed her by the chin and wanted to say something when his subordinates rushed in and
reported, “Sir, several cars are coming our way.”

Ken pushed her away, loosened his tie, and tumed

around. “Immediately take everyone and leave this place, and take a remote route.”

Ken shoved Lara into the car, then got in the car and left

– two or three cars drove toward the west side of the wharf.

The police arrived soon after and realized that the people in the factory had left, so they notified their
men to search separately in the southwest direction.

It was almost 4:00 a.m.when Ken’s car drove through the remote suburbs and saw a police car not far
behind him in the rearview mirror.

Lara, whose hands were tied, had tape on her mouth, so she could not shout for help. Seeing that the
speed of the car increased, and the police car behind them was losing the chase, her heart was racing.

The police helicopter caught up to them and was circling overhead. The people in the helicopter locked
on the target below and picked up the walkie-talkie. “Destroy the bridge ahead.”

The pilot on the other helicopter replied, “Roger that.” The officers on the helicopter set up missiles and
aimed them at the bridge up front. The artillery shot across the dark night, and a few milliseconds later,
a gigantic firework that set off in front of the road let off a shock wave as it destroyed the stone bridge.

The stones that were blown in the air caused the car below to brake immediately. It turned left and right
to dodge the stones and was forced to stop on the cliff in the end.

The bridge in front was blown off in the middle, and thick gray smoke billowed.

The police car that came from behind quickly surrounded them, and several men got out of their cars
and surrendered.

The police aimed their guns at Ken’s car. Nollace’s car arrived slowly and steadily behind the police
cars. He looked out the car window, only to see Ken dragging Lara out of the car with the gun aimed at
her neck.

When the police saw the hostage, they did not dare to act rashly. “Mr. Pruitt, you’ve been surrounded .
Surrender now.”

Ken sneered and glanced at Lara, his hostage. “Failure at this moment is nothing but death. Surrender
is not a word that I have in my lexicon. Dragging another person down to hell with me doesn’t sound

too lonely to me.” Lara’s expression changed in an instant, and her body trembled even more

Nollace appeared in the crowd, and Ken lauglied out lourd when he saw him. “Nollace Knowles, my
dear cousin,

you’re really good at this. Even I’ve begun to admire you.” “I admire you too.” Nollace looked at him.
“It’s a pity that you’ve always insisted on standing across from me.” Ken had ambitions, but he had lost
to his own ego after enduring so many burdens and humiliation in the Reeses for so many years and
having already gained some connections in the upper-class circles with the help of the Reeses’ capital.

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