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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1715

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Chapter 1715

If Ken was not greedy and could stop Lara from making a move on Daisie in time, the Reeses would
not have fallen.

When a person made a choice, they should think carefully about the consequences they had to bear.
Even if he chose to use Lara to obtain the huge inheritance left behind by Jonah, it would be more than
enough for him to use the money to help the Reeses make a comeback.

But Ken was unwilling to accept his fate and insisted on killing Jonah, wanting to start a war between
Nollace and Donald. He even delusionally wanted to make a move on Daisie.

“The feeling of tasting your own medicine is not very satisfying, isn’t it?” Nollace lifted his gaze, and his
face looked calm. “If you hadn’t chosen to escape with Ms. Reese, perhaps you would still have had a

Ken laughed out loud but restrained his expression in a blink of an eye. “I’ve always wanted to get rid of
this shameful identity of mine all my life. I’m also the third generation of the royal family, however, just
because my mother was the illegitimate daughter, nothing has been fair to her. People looked down on
me, and everyone was forcing me all this while. “When I was a young kid, my mother instilled in me the
idea of surpassing you and getting recognition from the

royal family. She placed all her expectations on my shoulders, and I was burdened with all these
expectations, which weighed a lot. But she’s my mother, and I can’t disobey her.

“I couldn’t marry the woman I loved the most. I couldn’t even take a peep at her when she died in the
delivery room. In order to uphold my mother’s so-called expectations, I couldn’t even recognize my own
baby child. After so many years of embarrassment and humiliation, I can finally be free at this moment.”

Ken wrapped his arm around Lara’s shoulder , dragged her to the front while he stood behind her, and
pressed the gun in his hand against the artery in her neck.

He took a few steps backward.

Lara’s mouth was sealed with tape, so she could only let out whimpers as her whole body was tense.

Nollace frowned. “Ken, if you surrender now, salvation is still possible.”

“I can’t go to prison, not to mention that I’ll never let you have it your way.” Ken smiled and pulled the
trigger of the gun. The sound of a gunshot pierced through the sky, and Lara gave off a hoarse roar,
however, she did not feel any pain.

She returned to her senses, realized something, and opened her eyes.

With the sound of someone dropping to the ground behind her, she stumbled , sat down on the ground,
and turned around to look at Ken, who had fallen into a pool of blood as he had gotten shot.

The policeman who had taken the shot before Ken did was soaked in sweat. Two seconds was all he
had had. If he had pulled the trigger two seconds later, not only would the suspect have died, but the
hostage would have gone down with him too.

Two policemen quickly stepped forward to help Lara up, untied the rope around her wrists, and tore off
the adhesive tape. She was probably petrified as she burst into tears instantly.

Nollace’s gaze was fixed on Ken as his body was put into a body bag by the police. They then zipped
the bag up,

gradually covering his figure.

The next day, the news about Ken committing a crime, trying to escape, holding someone hostage, and
getting shot and killed by the police made it onto the hottest topic on all major platforms. And Ean, as a
witness, also appeared in court to confirm the fact that Ken was the person who had killed Jonah.

Freyja sat on the hospital bed and watched the news on television with a heavy heart.

The elder brother, who had stayed with her for over a decade, was dead. Although he was no model to
any other

elder brother in the world, they were still related by blood.

She did not feel devastated or delighted about the news. All she felt were regret and sympathy.

The door of the ward was abruptly pushed open, and Sandy broke in. She pounced on her and
strangled her as if she had lost her mind. “Why must you force him onto a dead end? Why aren’t you
the one who died? Give my son back! You, give my son back!”

Hearing the commotion, a nurse hurried into the ward to stop Sandy. “Madam! What are you doing? Let
her go!”

Sandy refused to let go, and Freyja started to feel suffocated, so much so that she had closed her

Daisie and Colton heard the movement in the ward and rushed over. When they saw this scene, Daisie
shouted, “Freyja!”

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