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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1707

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Chapter 1707

Daisie fell silent after Freyja mentioned Deedee.

She had to take care of her brother’s daughter, so it was true that she couldn’t spend her money freely.

Colton turned around and said, “You don’t have to pay for


Then, he left the ward.

In the end, Freyja was “forcefully” moved to the VIP inpatient department on the 16th floor. Since the
ward was located on a higher floor, it received more sunlight. The sound insulation was a lot better, and
the corridor was empty. It was not as noisy as the ward downstairs and was a suitable environment for

Daisie looked at Colton. She was kind of surprised that her brother would spend money on someone
other than her. After all, not everyone could make her brother spend money for them.

However, she was kind of happy as well. At the very least, Colton had already started to warm up to

Colton received a call and went up to answer it.

Freyja went closer to her and whispered. “Is there … something wrong with your brother’s head?”

Daisie came around to her senses and looked at her. A smile appeared on her face as he said,

“Hold on a second! Will he want me to pay him back the money?” asked Freyja. “I don’t have that much

This was the first sentence Colton heard when he entered the ward. He put his phone down and said
indifferently,“ I don’t need you to pay me back the money.”

Freyja let out a sigh of relief. “That’s good to hear.” “Who called you, Colton?” asked Daisie. Colton
replied, “What do you think? Of course it’s Nollace.” Daisie seemed a bit surprised. “Since when did
you have Nolly’s contact number?” She remembered very clearly that Colton did not save Nollace’s
phone number. Besides, he hated Nollace a lot, so it went without saying that they wouldn’t contact
each other by phone. “It’s none of your business.” Colton pulled the door open and turned his head
around. “I’ll come to pick you up at night.”

After lie went away, Daisie said while smacking her lips,” I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that
both of them are doing something behind my back.”

Freyja looked at her and said, “I think they’re figuring

out a plan to get Ken into their trap.” It went without saying that they had to get back at Ken after he
ordered Ayan to do that kind of thing to Daisie. Besides, Colton hadn’t told the Goldmanns about it yet.
If not, it was impossible that they wouldn’t have done anything all this while.

Although Daisie did not understand why Colton did not want to tell their family about it, she guessed it
was because Colton wanted to take the matter into his own hands.

He felt it was his negligence that had allowed Ayan to lay his hands on Daisie. Besides, he probably did
not know how to explain this to his family.

Freyja lowered her head and chuckled. “Your brother is a good brother.”

She was kind of envious of Daisie.

Colton just wanted to protect his sister. He did not care about other people’s views at all.

Similarly, Ken was her brother. However, their relationship was built on top of interests, and they rarely
cared about each other.

Daisie smiled. “Waylon and Colton are good brothers.” As If she thouglıt of something, she added, “But
don’t worry. Colton inight have a sharp tongue, but he’s actually a very good man.”

“I can see that.” Freyja got a pillow behind her and continued. “He’s so protective of you. I wonder who
has the guts to become your sister-in-law in the future.”

“Why would you say that?” asked Daisie.

Freyja then continued matter-of-factly. “After all, I believe that your brother will still put you in the first
place even after he has a girlfriend. There is no way a girl can tolerate it.”

Daisie rested her chin on her hand and said, “You’re right. I’ve never seen Colton have any girlfriends
before. Could it be that I’m the obstacle in his journey to get a girlfriend?”

If that were true, she felt she had to do something about

After all, Colton was handsome. It was such a shame that he did not have a girlfriend.

Freyja rolled her eyes at her and said, “Why are you worrying about something that even your brother
himself isn’t worried about? I’m just making an assumption . Are you going to force your brother to get
into a relationship?”

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