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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1720

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Chapter 1720

Daisie finished dinner and walked around the mansion. Upon recalling something, she asked the
helpers the direction to Nollace’s room and walked toward it.

She opened the door and saw that the lights were on, but he was nowhere to be seen.

His room was spacious and had a greyscale tone and nordic style. There was a partition with carvings
that separated the room and the study. The study was neat and tidy, and there weren’t any items on the
book racks other than books.

Daisie wanted to sneakily look around, but suddenly a figure approached and leaned close to her ear.
“What are you looking at?”

Daisie jumped and turned around. The tip of her nose brushed across his cheek, but he was still
bending low. He raised his brows. “Do you like my room?”

“I… I was just looking around.”

She looked away and mumbled, “I’ve never seen it.”

She didn’t expect him to suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

Nollace chuckled. “Are you still jealous that Lisa had entered my room before?”

Before she could say anything, Nollace carried her to the desk and put his arms around her, his warm
breath on her forehead. “This will be your room soon.”

She had her head hanging low while her face burned. “ Who knows what’s going to happen in the

Nollace lifted her chin and rested his lips on her hairline.“ I won’t give you a chance to turn back.”

He went lower and stopped on her neck. “You can only marry me.”

He nibbled her neck without any sign. Daisie pressed her hands against his chest. A weird feeling
rushed toward her heart, like a jolt of electricity. She felt as if ants crawled around her heart, and she
felt warm and fuzzy,

“Are you a dog? Why did you bite me?”

Nollace ran his finger over the mark on her neck and smiled. “You can bite me back.”

She laughed and tapped his hand. “No way.” Nollace rubbed her hair with love in his eyes. “Let me
drive you home.”

Daisie nodded.

Nollace drove her back to the Hilton Villas. Daisie slowly

opened the car door, but he grabbed her wrist, so she turned around. “What’s going on?”

He looked at her neck and smiled. “You need to hide that.”

She didn’t understand what he meant until the next day when she met Freyja at the college. Freyja
stared at her neck the entire time.

Daisie subconsciously touched her neck. “What’s wrong?” Freyja asked, “Did you stay at Nollace’s last

Daisie choked, and her face turned red. “No, he sent me home. We’re not there yet, even though we’re
a couple.” “Didn’t you look in the mirror before you left home this morning?” Freyja pointed at her neck.

Daisie turned on her front camera and looked at her neck. She then immediately covered it and
remembered how Nollace had bitten her.

She hadn’t noticed that mark when she left home, but she finally understood what Nollace meant the
night before.

If even Freyja thought something happened, Colton might just kill her if he saw it!

“Nollace that *sshole!” She immediately took out her Concealer and covered it until it was no longer

Freyja rested her chin on her hand and couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s a love bite. You’re getting

Daisie was startled, and her face became even hotter, so she covered Freyja’s mouth. “Stop talking!”

Meanwhile, at the Knowles Group…

Edison was reporting to Nollace when his phone buzzed. He ignored it because the other person sent a
bunch of texts, and his phone kept buzzing.

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