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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1722

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Chapter 1722

What Maisie did not know was that Colton was feeling rather guilty right now. After all, this was the first
time he had lied to his mother.

Just when he was about to say something, Daisie turned the phone back to herself and said, “Mom,
I’ve made new friends in college. Colton and Nollace both have been taking great care of me, so don’t
worry about us.” “Really?” Maisie chuckled. “It’s good that you’ve made new friends, but make sure you
open your eyes wider this time.”

Daisie was stumped. “Freyja is a good girl. She isn’t like Lisa at all.”

Maisie signed her name on a document and said, “I’ll leave that for you to judge. After all, you’re grown
up now. By the way, you’re going to graduate soon, right?” She raised her head and continued. “After
you’ve graduated, I’ll give you two a graduation gift.” Giggling, Daisie replied, “Sure. I’m not going to
disturb you anymore, Mom. Bye.”

She ended the video call.

Colton smirked and asked, “Why didn’t you tell Mom about Ayan?”

“Believe it or not, if I told her about Ayan, she and Dad would come to Yaramoor tomorrow.” Daisie put
her phone down. “He has already gotten his own punishment. I didn’t have to add insult to injury
anymore, right?”

Ayan had gotten what he deserved. She did not have to care so much about this matter anymore. After
all, the past was already in the past.

Colton did not say anything.

Daisie thought of something and hurriedly cleaned up her dish. “Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. I’m going to
watch an opera performance tomorrow with Freyja. I have to rest early.”

Meanwhile, at the royal family’s banquet…

The Rose Palace banquet hall was a magnificent place. The tableware for the food was gold plated,
and the wine was provided by Chateau Latour at high prices.

Other than the nobles, there were also politicians from allied countries and representatives of the royal
family that came to the banquet. All of those who were present in the hall were noble, and there were
many big names.

Nollace attended the banquet with his mother. Diana was wearing a green velvet dress with emerald
earrings and a pearl necklace. She was elegant and beautiful, and she resembled Queen Denise, her
mother, a lot.

Standing beside her was her son. Needless to say, he looked extraordinarily dashing in his dark blue
bespoke suit, and the sapphire cornflower brooch at his collar further accentuated his great
appearance. As someone who descended from two different races, he was handsome. His eyes were
light-colored, and they looked like the sea. Those who gazed into his eyes would accidentally get
absorbed into them. If a flower could be used to describe a man, he was like a black tulip, elegant,
mysterious, and regal. The silver-haired old man standing in the crowd was wearing a suit. He had a
regal air about him, and he was talking to the people while clinking glass with them.

“Father.” Diana and Nollace walked toward the old man. The old man turned his head and stretched his
arms to hug Diana.

After that, he looked at Nollace and patted his shoulder. “ It has been two years since I last saw you. It
seems like you have grown even taller.”

Nollace smiled. “I’m an adult, and I think I can grow a little bit taller.”

The old man picked up a glass and let out a hearty laugh.” You’re at the age where you can have a
drink. Come, have a drink with me.”

He took a glass of wine from the bartender and clinked it

with the old man. There were also some media outlets present at the banquet hall. As the youngest
grandson of King William, it went without saying that Nollace was in the spotlight.

After he finished the wine, King William called a brown haired girl to his side. “Nollace, this girl is the
daughter of a millionaire in Haniston. Her ancestors are descended from royalty. She is of similar status
and age to you.”

The girl had a delicate face. There was a beauty mark at the corner of her eyes, and it further
accentuated her attractiveness.

Nollace’s face sank a little after listening to King William’s introduction. As for Diana, she seemed to
have expected something like this.

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