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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1732

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Chapter 1732

‘As long as King William doesn’t agree to their relationship, ther it’s absolutely impossible for Nollace to
marry her!

After the Livingstons had dinner with William, they happened to run into Diana at the entrance as they
were about to leave the palace.

Zenovia knew that Diana was Nollace’s mother, so she took the initiative to greet Diana, “Aunty Diana.”

“Since when have I become your aunt?” Diana’s response stiffened Zenovia’s expression.

Diana glared at her with a stern look. “You know that my son has a girlfriend, but you still insist on
sticking your hand into their relationship. I wonder if all the daughters of the wealthy families in your
country are as shameless as you are.”

Zenovia looked a little embarrassed . She had been under the impression that Princess Diana of
Yaramoor would be as kind and amiable as she appeared to be on the surface, but what she said was
so savage that it was borderline slander.

Juneau frowned. “Mrs. Knowles, isn’t what you just said a little harsh?”

“Mr. Livingston, please take better care of your daughter.” Diana did not even give Juneau any face.
She passed by the father-and daughter and left.

Zenovia bit her lip.

‘Nollace’s mother actually agreed to take that girl in as her potential daughter-in-law? Are you kidding

Diana pushed open the study’s door and asked her father for an explanation. William put down the
documents in his hands and took off his glasses. “Diana, I think this marriage is truly not a bad idea.”

“What?” Diana propped her arms against the surface of the table. “Nollace has a girlfriend at this
moment, and you’re giving another girl the green light to become the wrecker of their relationship?”

William frowned and said, “What kind of benefits can that girlfriend of his bring to him? I won’t interfere
with this relationship if she can bring him benefits.” 1

Diana smiled. “Do you mean it?”

“I really mean it.” He picked up the document again. “I’ll never let my grandson marry a woman that
doesn’t have a family background. It won’t help his future career development.”

“Father, all you need to do is remember what you just said. I’ll only accept Nollace’s current girlfriend as
my future daughter-in law. That girl named Ms. Livingston doesn’t meet my standards.”

Diana turned around with a smug smirk on her face.

At present, Daisie was standing on the deck and could not help but sneeze. And the sea breeze
brushing through her hair ruffled

Nollace took off his coat, wrapped her in it, and hugged her in his arms. “Do you still feel cold?”

She whispered, “Nope.”

The cruise ship was moving slowly, the lights on the shore were bright, and the splendid neon was
reflected on the river as if a layer of glitter was floating on the surface.

The magnificent night scene eclipsed the starry night sky.

Nollace pressed his chin against the top of her head and chuckled. “Little dummy.”

“You’re the dumb one here.”

He smiled. “If you’re not dumb, how could you be jealous for so long?”

Daisie choked on her own words and pushed him away. “You’re only making fun of me.”

Nollace pulled her into his arms, and his lips seemed to be moving closer to her cheek. “Daisie.”

Daisie did not know where to look, and his breath brushed across her cheek like a cobweb. She had
nowhere to run to and was about to be eaten alive.

Nollace lifted her chin and kissed her lips all of a sudden.

The fragrance of lemongrass filled his mouth, and his desire was lifted at this moment, so he broke
through her lips and teeth as the emotions penetrated his body.

It was very late at night, so Nollace sent Daisie back to the

Hilton Villas. He turned his head, glanced at the girl who leaned her head on his shoulder fast asleep,
and gently carried her out of the car.

He then carried her into the bedroom and put her on the bed, but Daisie rolled over abruptly and
hugged him. She even rubbed the top of her head against his chest.

Nollace was slightly startled but could not help but chuckle and pinch her cheek gently. “You do let your
guard down when you’re around me.” “Nollace…” she murmured.

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