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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1740

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Chapter 1740

Paul smiled. “His Majesty would simply like to have a chat with Ms. Vanderbilt.”

Daisie was silent for a moment before looking up. “Alright, I’ll go with you.” She then turned and spoke
to Freyja. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

She followed Paul into the car.

The students around her started murmuring while Freyja watched the car drive away, frowned, and
sent a message to Nollace.

Meanwhile, the car slowly drove into the White Ivy Palace.

Sycamore trees were planted on both sides of the driveway.

Daisie looked out the window, and an old, grand palace stood among a huge, wide rose garden.

The wide turf was a golf course, and there were statues of deities standing in front of the main door. It
was a unique sight.

The royal flags flapped around under the blue sky.

Daisie got out of the car and followed Paul, who led her into the main hall. There was a giant chandelier
hanging from the ceiling made with golden bronze. It had ivory and glass sockets that could hold 96

They walked past a long corridor on soft carpet covering granite tiles to the drawing room.

There were artistic sculptures on the mantle along with paintings, making the entire place look as if it
was a work of art on its own.

Paul brought her to a couch with a high back, turned around, and bowed. “Ms. Vanderbilt, please wait
here. I’ll inform His Majesty of your arrival.”

Daisie nodded. After Paul left, she stood in front of the window which faced the rose garden and trees.
The entire palace looked like it was from a fairy tale-beautiful, romantic, and elegant.

When she heard noises from the door, she turned around and saw a guard opening the door.

An old, majestic man in a dark suit and hat walked in with a golden cane.

Paul was walking behind King William. He stepped forward and whispered something to him.

King William raised his hand to signal for Paul to wait outside. Paul then left and closed the door.

Daisie curtsied out of respect. “Your Majesty.”

King William took off his hat, walked to the couch to take a seat, and looked at Daisie. “You’re the girl
that my grandson is seeing?”

Daisie revealed a sweet smile. “Yes, I haven’t had the chance to formally introduce myself. My name is
Daisie Vanderbilt, Nollace’s girlfriend.”

King William waved his hand. “Who you are doesn’t matter to

I just want to know if you’re bothering my grandson.”

Daisie paused, then smiled. “If we’re talking about bothering, he bothered me first.”

King William frowned. “What?”

Daisie put her hand under her chin, “He showed up by my side and pursued my interest. We developed
feelings and naturally got together.”

After that, she shrugged. “I guess that’s my charm.”

King William looked serious. “It’s great that you have confidence, but you should have what it takes to
be confident. Girl, he might like you for the way you look now, but having good looks isn’t worth
anything before benefits.”

Daisie was curious. “Are benefits that important?” 1

She couldn’t understand why everyone in the upper class loved to chase after this cold thing.

King William smirked as he advised her. “Every basic human need requires money to sustain. A trade
is a transaction of benefits, and so is entrepreneurship.”

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