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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1741

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Chapter 1741

“Young people will have to face many difficulties in starting their own business. Nollace refuses any
form of help from me and leads the Knowles all by himself. He’s indeed very talented, and I have a lot
of expectations of him.

“Therefore, I wish he can find a girl who can assist him in his business, a girl who can bring him
benefits and not drag him down. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

From William’s perspective, what he considered was his grandson’s future. Even without the
Livingstons, he would only consider the descendants of royal families in Yaramoor.

Daisie was stunned. She had no idea about everything that William told her. She just knew that Nollace
was busy.

He was the youngest grandson and the only heir of the Knowles. From her perspective , Nollace knew
a lot of things, and there was nothing that he couldn’t do.

She had never worried that he might run into any difficulties. She didn’t even know that there were
times when Nollace would also run into trouble.

She clenched her fists tightly. Perhaps her life was too comfortable since she had been living under the
wings of her brothers. She had never come across a situation where she was hard pressed.

Even if she did run into such a situation, her brothers would step in and help her to settle everything.

If her brothers were not around her, would she be able to settle the situation herself?

Daisie did not know about it.

With the help of the cane, William rose to his feet. He put on his hat and continued. “If you can’t help
him, then you’re only dragging him down by staying with him. People can’t maintain a relationship for
life by just relying on their feelings. After all, feelings don’t last forever.

“Nollace isn’t a normal folk. The Knowles need him. Can you guarantee that your life will be happy and
fulfilling after he leaves everything behind just to be with you?

“Only young boys can give up on everything for the woman they love. But men are different as they
have their own responsibilities. This is the reality.”

William called Paul inside and had him send Daisie out.

When he walked to the door, Daisie parted her lips and said, “He doesn’t need to discard his identity.”

William turned around to look at her.

She continued. “If Nollace needs my help, I’ll do everything I can to help him. If he doesn’t need my
help, I’ll just stay by his side and face the troubles together.”


“I’m confident that the benefits I can bring to him are even greater , so Your Majesty, please don’t
underestimate me too much.” 1.

Daisie’s eyes were filled with determination, and her voice was thick with sincerity.

William looked at her for a while and left the living room without saying anything.

Standing at the door, Paul said, “Ms. Vanderbilt, I’ll bring you back to your college.”

After they came out of the palace, a car slowly stopped in front of them. Daisie raised her head to see
Nollace getting out of the car.

He walked up the staircases and approached her. Paul stopped and bowed his head slightly. “Young
Master Knowles.”

Nollace nodded. “I’ll bring her back. Thank you.”

After Paul left, he stood in front of Daisie.

Daisie lowered her head, and the wind ruffled her hair.

Nollace stretched his arm forward and helped her to collect her hair behind her ears. He pitched his
voice low and asked gently.” Did he give you a hard time?”

Daisie was stunned. “Were you worried that His Majesty would make things difficult for me?”

“Of course.” Nollace scratched the tip of her nose. “What did he say to you?”

She lowered her head and said in a low voice, “He said that it isn’t easy for you to handle a company

She did not continue afterward. It was not because she was

worried she couldn’t help him. Instead, it was because she had never understood how hard it was for

He narrowed his eyes. “That’s all?”

Daisie nodded.

Nollace chuckled and grabbed her into his arms. “Just because he’s my grandfather, you’re going to
help him keep it a secret even if he said something? Daisie, if he said anything outrageous, you can…”

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