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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1742

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Chapter 1742

Daisie lifted her head and interrupted him. “No. He didn’t. He didn’t scold me either.”

Nollace cupped her cheeks in his palm and forced her to meet his gaze. “He told you to leave me,

Daisie blinked and chuckled. “Then can you guess what I said in return?”

Nollace squinted.

She stretched her arm forward to hug him and buried her face in his chest. “If you need me in your
career, I will help you, and if you don’t, I’ll stand by your side and face the difficulties together.”

She was asking him instead of being presumptuous about helping him.

Even if she wanted to help, it still depended on whether or not Nollace wanted to accept her help. She
had faith in him and respected him.

Nollace was stunned. He lowered his head to look at the person buried in his chest, and a smile
appeared in his eyes.

He rested his chin on top of her head and said, “You don’t have to help me, Daisie. I just need you to
stay by my side.”

He needed no more than her trust.

Daisie had a performance class about historical repertoire in the afternoon. Some of the students knew
that Daise had gone to see someone from the royal family, and they gathered around her during their

After all, for them, it was such an honor to be able to meet someone from the royal family.

Daisie smiled at them but did not say anything. She did not care if it was an honor or not. She just knew
that she could meet with King William because of Nollace.

When Daisie saw Freyja, the latter hastily pulled hers away from

the crowd of students and went up to her.

Freyja dragged her to one side and asked, “Did His Majesty give you a hard time?”

Daisie waved her hand. “Don’t worry. Do you think I’m that kind of person who would stand there and
keep quiet if he gave me a hard time?”

Freyja nodded and smiled. “You’re right.”

“Oh yeah.” Daisie suddenly remembered something and asked,” Since you’re Nollace’s cousin, does it
mean that the king is your grandfather?”

Freyja looked around furtively. After ascertaining there were no people around them, she pitched her
voice low and said, “Keep your voice down. I don’t want other people to know about it.”

“But why? It isn’t that,”

“The people here don’t know about my circumstances.” Freyja

cut her short and continued calmly. “Almost nobody knows about my identity.”

Daisie was dumbfounded.

It was only now that she realized something. The people in the college only knew that Freyja had taken
a break from the college because of Deedee.

None of them knew the truth. They just suspected her of being a loose woman, and none of them knew
that she was Nollace’s cousin.

Freyja’s mother was the illegitimate daughter of the royal family, and she was the descendant of the
illegitimate daughter. It was inevitable that people would talk about her a lot, but since nobody
mentioned anything about it, Daisie assumed it was because people didn’t care about her status.

However, the truth was that the people in the college did not know about Freyja’s relationship with

Suddenly, she remembered the things that Freyja’s father had said.

‘It’s exactly because she’s a girl that she has more freedom than Ken.’

It was only now Daisie understood what he was trying to say.

When Freyja saw her fall into her thoughts, she waved her hand in front of her eyes and asked, “Hey?
What’s wrong?”

Daisie came back to her senses and shook her head. She smiled at Freyja and replied, “So that’s how
it is.”

Freyja shrugged and replied candidly. “Well, it’s good that they don’t know about it. It saves me a lot of

“But you’re having such a hard time.”

Freyja smiled and replied, “I think you should care about your future husband more. My situation is
nothing compared to his.”

On the weekend…

Daisie finished her breakfast, looked at the housekeeper in the kitchen, and after a short while of
contemplation, she walked over to her and asked, “Can you teach me how to bake some snacks?”

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