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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1751

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Chapter 1751

“Since the Knowles aren’t stable yet, he urgently wants to be engaged with you because he knows how
much the Goldmanns can help him.”

Daisie was sure about Nollace. “He’s not that kind of person—”

“Even if he isn’t, everyone, including Dad, thinks that way.”

Colton’s words shocked her.

She was shocked, not because she believed that Nollace was as Colton described, that he would use
their engagement to solidify the standing of the Knowles, but instead how people saw their
engagement, just like Colton said.

There was no doubt about how her father saw it.

If Nollace wanted to use their status to solidify his standing, why would he reject the king’s help?
Wouldn’t it be easy to put the Knowles on the map with the help of the king?

Nollace wanted to prove he could achieve his goal without help from anyone.

But why could nobody understand? Was she the only one who did?

Daisie looked down, looking sad.

What Colton said devastated her, so he changed his tone. “If you get engaged now, Dad won’t agree to
it since he doesn’t like him. We don’t even need to think what will happen after he fixes

his social standing.”

Daisie nodded and was suddenly calm. “I understand.”

Colton wanted to say something but didn’t until Waylon spoke.” Alright, let’s eat some food.”

That evening…

All the staff at the Knowles Group had left for the day, but Nollace was still going through some
numbers in his office.

The phone on Nollace’s desk vibrated. He immediately picked it up when he saw that it was Daisie.
“Hey, why are you calling


Daisie was lying in bed and paused for a few seconds. “Am I interrupting something?”

Nollace chuckled. “No.”

Daisie whispered, “Nolly, I want to see you.”

Nollace smiled. “I’m afraid I can’t make it now. I’ll be there at seven?”

Daisie agreed.

At 7:00p.m. sharp, Nollace got Edison to drive to the Hilton Villas.

The lights were just turning on in the streets.

Daisie stood under the white street lamp in her loose knitted jacket, looking gentle under the light.

A car slowly drove in front of her, Nollace opened the door, got out, and stopped in front of her. “Why
are you standing outside?”

Daisie looked up at him, and the light shone on her face, making her look so beautiful. “I’m waiting for

Nollace pulled her into his arms and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

He could feel that something was off.

Sunken in his arms, Daisie put her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek into his chest.
“Nothing, I just want to hug


Nollace tilted her chin up. “That’s a lie.”

She pouted. “Nolly, can we… postpone our engagement?”

Nollace fell silent for a moment, then he pressed his palm to her cheek and asked, “Are you having
second thoughts?”

“Not because of second thoughts!” Daisie immediately explained, “Because Colton said,”

Before she could finish, Nollace placed his hand on her lips to stop her. “I get it. There’s no need to

Daisie thought he understood, but she noticed his eyes were cold. “I thought you would be different
from them and believe in me.”

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