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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1754

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Chapter 1754

“Yes, he‘s here.”

“What‘s wrong with your voice?”

Daisie paused because she didn‘t want her mother to worry.” Don‘t worry, it‘s just a cold.”

“You‘re a grown–up now, so you need to take care of yourself. How can I let you get married like this?”

When Daisie heard ‘get married,’ she bit her lips to hold back her tears. “Mom.”

Hearing her shaky voice, Maisie frowned. “You‘re crying.” :

“I‘m not. I just,” “Daisie, you can tell me anything. Don‘t keep it to yourself.” 1

At Bassburgh, at Blackgold…

Nolan was just done with his meeting and was coming out of the
conference room. Quincy, who just got a call, walked
toward him. “Sir, Mrs. Goldmann has been waiting for you in the office for a while now.”

Nolan paused with a frown. “Why didn‘t you tell me earlier?”

Quincy felt wronged. “I didn‘t want to interrupt your meeting.”

Nolan immediately returned to his office, opened the door, and saw Maisie
waiting in front of the window.

He removed his jacket, placed it on the back of his chair, walked

toward her, and hugged her. “Zee.” **

Maisie turned to look at him. “Done with your meeting?”

Nolan rested his chin on her
shoulder and chuckled. “Quincy didn‘t tell me that you were waiting. I‘m sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“It‘s alright, it was just a 40–minute wait.” Maisie pushed him away, walked to the couch to
take a seat, and poured herself a cup of tea. “Your daughter is feeling terrible overseas and is crying.”

Nolan took a deep breath, “Who dares make my daughter feel terrible !?” He remembered something, a
nd his face dropped.” Knowles?”

Maisie smiled. “He wouldn‘t dare. The three of you are making her sad.”

Nolan covered his forehead. “What the brothers did is not my fault.”

Maisie raised her eyebrow. “The sons are following in their father‘s footsteps. That‘s all inherited.”

“My darling wife,” Nolan walked forward, half squatted in front of her, and grabbed her hand, “You can‘t
blame me for my sons‘ behavior. How would I have the heart to hurt our daughter?”

Maisie looked at him. “Really? Did you agree to our daughter‘s engagement with Nollace?”

He said, “No.”

Maisie moved his hand away and stood up.

Nolan pushed her back down on the couch and held her in his arms. “Let me explain.”

Maisie raised her eyebrows and waited for him to do so.

Nolan took a deep breath. “I don‘t agree because the Knowles Group isn‘t stable
yet. If Daisie got engaged to him now, all the pressure would fall on him, and everyone would think that

“Nollace is ambitious, so nobody knows if the pressure will get to
him. He will be insulted if he feels that Daisie brought all his success. What will happen if he hurts her?”

When a man was fighting , the worst thing that could happen when it came to power was if someone sa
a strong connection, the man would have to have enough power that could rival
her family‘s to find balance.

Equal power didn‘t exist, so when men gave women equality, it was just out of respect.

Not all women were like Maisie, but if the man was weaker than the woman, he wouldn‘t be able to stan
in that marriage. Such a marriage wouldn‘t last long.

Maisie fell in deep thought because what Nolan said sounded true. Nolan loved her, so he was willing to

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