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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1757

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Chapter 1757

Seeing that Nollace was giving her father
a hard time, Zenovia couldn‘t help herself and interrupted. “Mr. Knowles, even if you don‘t want
to help us, you don‘t have to be like this.”

Nollace did not say anything.

“Zenovia …” Juneau
wanted to say something, but Zenovia cut him short again. “You chose Daisie over me because you wa
nt the help from the Goldmanns, right? I heard that you said the other day that you‘re not going to get e
ngaged with her. That‘s because you know that it‘s not that easy, right?”

Juneau became nervous. He told his daughter to stop talking, but
she ignored him. “Did I say anything wrong? The king wants us to
support the Knowles. That‘s why he wants me to get engaged to Nollace. Although we‘re not as
good as the Goldmanns, we can give everything that they can offer as well.”

Nollace lifted his head
and looked at Zenovia indifferently. “So, in your opinion, marriage is just something for you to gain bene

“Yes, I don‘t deny that.”

Zenovia walked up to him and continued. “It‘s true that it‘ll b3 a great help to the Knowles if you can get
engaged to Daisie. But have you forgotten about her brothers? Do you think they‘ll really let you gain
anything from the marriage?

“If she marries you, it means she has to give up on everything she has and
come to live with you in Yaramoor. The Goldmanns

dote on her, so do you think they‘ll let her come here?
As for you, you‘re the eldest grandson of the Knowles. I‘m sure you won‘t give up everything you have
here just to be with her, right?

“As for me, although I’m the only descendant in the Livingstons, I‘m not asking for much. I don‘t need y
ou to abandon your identity or everything you have here. I can stay here in Yaramoor to
help you. Besides, marrying me isn‘t as complicated as marrying Daisie, and you don‘t have to
worry about other things as well.”

Nollace chuckled and said, “You‘re right.”

Zenovia’s eyes glowed, and she leaned forward to look at him.” know all men who venture into the busi
ness world are ambitious, and I can help you achieve all your dreams. It‘s up to you whether or not
you want me to help you, Mr. Knowles.”

Nolllace looked at her without saying anything. His pupils were light–
colored, and they seemed endless like the abyss.

Meanwhile, Daisie had just arrived. From her angle
of sight, Zenovia was very close to Nollace right now, and they seemed to be “kissing.”

“Sir,” Peter called out.

Nollace looked over to Peter, and he was stunned when he saw Daisie.

Zenovia turned her head over, and a triumphant smile appeared in her eyes when she saw her.

Even though Daisie was the daughter of the Goldmanns, her level was too
high for Nollace. Zenovia was confident that the

Goldmanns would not approve of their engagement.

Both of them had the same social status, and Nollace was the king‘s grandson, but
he still had to have the same capabilities as the Goldmanns if he wanted to marry Daisie.

After all, Nollace was just the
king‘s grandson. He was not the future heir of the throne. He may enjoy the same benefits as the royal f

The Knowles had fallen from grace several years ago. Although they had gotten
back on their feet in recent years, they were not strong enough for the Goldmanns to
approve of their marriage.

The more Daisie thought about it, the more heartache she felt. She said, “I‘m sorry for the interruption. Y
can continue.”

Daisie turned around and left.

Nollace wanted to chase after her, but he thought of something and forwent the attempt in the end.

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