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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1756

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Chapter 1756

“But I don‘t want other people to think that he‘s that kind of person. I just want everyone to
understand him…”

Daisie‘s eyes were wet with tears.

Waylon wiped the tear
off the corner of her eyes and said,” You‘re so silly. Do you think Nollace cares how other people think a
bout him?”

Daisie parted her mouth, and just when she wanted to say something, the words that Nollace had
said to her surfaced in her head.

‘Do you see me that way too, Daisie?‘

The reason he had gotten angry was not that she wanted to postpone their engagement. It was becaus
e he thought she saw him the same way as everyone else did.

Daisie clenched the fork in her hand tightly, and it was only now she realized the reason
Nollace had gotten so angry was that she did not explain to him what she really wanted to say that


He had assumed she chose not to believe in him because Colton had told her something.

Daisie lifted her head. “Waylon, …”

“You should finish your
meal first,” Waylon interjected, cutting her short. “After you finish your meal, go back to your

room and rest. We‘ll talk about the rest tomorrow.”

Daisie nodded.

The next day, at the Knowles Group…

Daisie stood in front of the door and hesitated for a long while before she finally decided to
go inside. She felt that she had to talk to Nollace and explain to him.

However, the staff at the reception told her that Nollace had not been coming to the company recently.

Daisie was stunned and asked, “Where has he been?”

The receptionist forced a smile on her face and replied, “I‘m sorry. I don‘t know about that.”

When Daisie came out of the Knowles Group, she ran into – Tristan, who had just gotten odt of his car.

She ran toward him and said, “Uncle Tristan.”

Tristan was taken aback when he heard her voice and turned his head around. “Daisie? What are you
doing here?”

Before she could say anything, he smiled and continued. “Are you here to look for Nollace?”

Daisie nodded.

“Nollace is sick, so he hasn‘t been coming to the company these few days.”

She jerked her head up, and her face was filled with disbelief.” He‘s sick?”

“He didn‘t tell you about it?” Tristan came to an abrupt stop

upon asking that question.

Given Nollace‘s temperament, it went without saying that he wouldn‘t tell Daisie about it when he was s

After a short while of silence, Daisie asked, “Is he home now?”

Tristan nodded.

Meanwhile, at the Knowles mansion…

Nollace heard some commotion and came downstairs.

Peter said, “It‘s the Livingstons, Sir. They wanted to see you, but the guards didn‘t let them come in.”

All of them knew about
the things that happened to the Livingstons. The guards didn‘t let them through because they thought N

Nollace said calmly, “Let them in.”

Peter went out to inform the guards, allowing the Livingstons to enter.

When Juneau and Zenovia entered, the first thing that caught Nollace‘s attention was the gift in Juneau‘

Juneau took a step forward and put the gift on the table, “Young Mr. Knowles , we apologize for what
happened at the banquet that night. I hope you can accept this gift.”

Nollace took his seat and said, “I think I‘m not the one you should
be apologizing to, right, Mr. Livingston?”

Juneau was momentarily stunned. Nollace was right. The
one he had offended was Daisie, not Nollace.

He thought for a while and said, “Consider this gift as a congratulatory gift
from me to you for your engagement with the daughter of the Goldmanns.”

Nollace‘s face sank as he looked
at him indifferently. “Do you think I have the right to help you, Mr. Livingston?”

Juneau felt a little embarrassed
since Nollace had seen through his intentions. After all, his daughter had a “feud” with Daisie. He was
pretty certain he would get humiliated if he went to apologize to Daisie. He thought that Nollace could
help put in some good words for them because of their relationship with the king.

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