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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1758

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Chapter 1758

Zenovia sensed something and was even more confident in her speculation. “Well, it seems like I was
right. You and she are having problems so soon.”

Nollace rose to his feet and replied expressionlessly, “It has nothing to do with her, and it‘s none of your
business either.”

He turned around and said, “Peter, please see them at the door.”

After that, he went upstairs without turning his head around.

Zenovia did not say anything anymore and left the Knowles mansion with her father.

Meanwhile, Daisie had just gotten into the car. Before the driver could start
the engine, Zenovia walked up to the car and knocked on the window.

Daisie rolled the window down but did not say anything.

Zenovia leaned on the window and said with a smile on her face, “MrVanderbilt, can I have a minute wit
h you?”

Daisie looked at her and asked, “What do you want to say?”

“I apologize for my actions earlier on since I didn‘t know who
you were, but I won‘t quit.” Zenovia looked into her eyes and
continued. “It‘s true that you come from a prestigious family, but unfortunately, you‘re a Goldmann. Ther
e‘s no way the Goldmann will approve
of your relationship. It‘s such a shame that your relationship is going to get destroyed in your hands.”

Daisie‘s chest heaved up and down heavily as she clenched her fists tightly. She took a
deep breath and said, “So do you think he‘ll choose you? Ms.
Livingston, I have known him longer than you think.‘

“So?” Zenovia chuckled. “It doesn‘t mean anything. Even if
you guys grew up together since childhood, you still have to bow your heads down before reality. Nolla
ce is the most charismatic man I‘ve ever seen. His charm is that he knows exactly what he needs. He
will never bow his head down toward the Goldmanns. He will have to face many problems to marry you
, but he won‘t have to worry about anything if he marries me.”

Daisie wanted to say something in return, but the next thing Zenovia said stumped her.

“I have the freedom
to pick whatever I want, but as a Goldmann, do you think you have the luxury of making your own decis

When Daisie came to her senses, Zenovia was already gone.

Several days later, at the college…

There was a callback for the drama examination. Freyja looked around irrthe examination hall, but she
couldn‘t find Daisie anymore. When she went to ask the professor, she told her that Daisie had taken
a leave of absence.

After the test was over, Freyja carried her bag and came out of the examination
hall. Then, she ran into Waylon, who was standing in front of a car under the building.

Freyja was momentarily stunned. Due to the fact that she had mistaken
him for Colton the last time, she couldn‘t tell if the

man in front of her right now was Colton or Waylon.

Then, Waylon walked up to her and asked, “Do you still have class in the afternoon?”

Freyja had come to know Colton. She was certain that he wouldn‘t ask her like this, so she was confide
nt the one standing in front of her was Waylon.

“You‘re Colton‘s brother?”

“You finally can recognize us now?”

“Did something happen?”

Waylon opened the
door and said, “I wouldn‘t have come to you if nothing had happened. Get into the car.”

Freyja hesitated for a moment before getting into the car.

looked outside toward the window and realized that they were heading toward the Hilton Villas. She ask

Waylon sat with his legs crossed. He was more mature and stern compared to Colton.

Although Colton was indifferent toward the people around him, he had a sharp tongue and was straightf
not hold back when he was criticizing someone and often ended up hurting other people‘s feelings.

However, his brother was different. He was calm and collected.

“Isn’t the reason obvious?”

“Is it because of Nollace?”

Even though Waylon did not reply, Freyja knew it was because of Nollace.

The car was stopped in the courtyard. Freyja followed behind him into the villa. When they were
going upstairs, Waylon called out to her.

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