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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1762

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Chapter 1762

Since Juneau had
the guts to use his daughter to sow discord, he would never have imagined that the person who first pla
nned to get rid of Lisa through him would be Nollace.

A week later…

Daisie was preparing for the exam at the college as always. When the exam was over, she went to
the office building to look for the professor and asked for the list of titles of her graduation thesis in dra
ma and film performance.

The professor was a little surprised. “Are you planning to prepare for the topic of your graduation thesis
in advance?”

Daisie nodded. She was a
year away from graduation, but Colton was already preparing for his graduation, and she did not want t
o procrastinate.

At the Royal College of Victoria, the graduation requirement was simple. As long as
the students had completed all subjects of the course and obtained good grades in all those subjects, t
hey would be able to apply for graduation in advance.

The Drama, Theater, and Film department was no exception.

“Okay then.” The professor nodded and handed the title
of Daisie‘s graduation thesis to her. “Godspeed.”

Daisie walked out of the office building with the title of her graduation thesis. There were a total of
49 thesis topics in the Drama, Theater, and Film department of Victoria College. It

would take at least three months to study all the topics accurately and come up with a conclusion.


She paused, turned around, and saw Freyja approaching her. She then placed
the list of titles of graduation thesis back into her bag, “I‘m heading to the library. Do you want to tag alo

Freyja smiled. “Let‘s go.”

The two came to the library, and Freyja went to
reserve a seat first, while Daisie found herself several famous
foreign film and television exam preparation books from the bookshelves.

“I heard that the adopted daughter of the Knowles died mysteriously in the hospital some time ago.”

“How do you know about this?”

Daisie stopped what she was doing. She then
walked slowly to the back of the bookshelves and saw a few girls standing and chatting in front of the w

“My father is a police officer and is in charge of this case. I heard that she was kidnapped by someone,
and her fingers were amputated. She then died inexplicably in the hospital later.”

“Wasn‘t she working in the black market? She must have offended someone there.”

Daisie leaned against
the bookshelves. Although she did not like Lisa, her death still shocked her deeply.

She was about to leave when someone suddenly said, “Could it be Nollace‘s doing? After all,
that woman had tried to seduce

him before and offended his girlfriend. Could it be that the Goldmanns are very upset about
this, and that‘s why they‘re not letting them get engaged?”

“If that‘s the case, things
should get a lot more difficult for Ms. Livingston in the future, shouldn‘t it? After all, she tried to snatch
Ms. Goldmann‘s boyfriend from her.”

“If Nollace were to be asked to choose one between the Goldmanns and the Livingstons, it‘s only norm
al for him
to pick the Goldmanns over the Livingstons. After all, the benefits that the Goldmanns can provide are l
arger and better than what the Livingstons,”

Before the girl could finish speaking, someone jerked her
arm, and all the girls looked over at Daisie with an embarrassed expression.

Daisie took a deep breath and refuted calmly, “If you don‘t know him, don’t talk about him
behind his back. His choice has nothing to do with the benefits that he can obtain from the

The girls did not say anything. It seemed that they did not have any objections on the
surface, but they whispered among themselves after Daisie left, “If not for her identity as the daughter of

Daisie‘s back felt stiff. She could not help but tighten her grip on the book in her arms as all those senten

‘Even if he‘s not doing so for the benefits, the public, even Dad,

will think so too.‘

‘I don‘t care what they think
about me. I care if you think of me the same way too.’ I have the freedom to pick
whatever I want, but as a Goldmann, do you think you have the luxury of making your own decisions?‘

‘If not for her identity as the daughter
of the Goldmanns, do you think Nollace would associate himself with her…‘

The voices echoing in Daisie‘s head all overlapped and sounded extremely confusing, and Daisie‘s visio

There was a commotion in the library, and Freyja, sitting in
the seat waiting for Daisie, turned around, looked in the direction of the commotion, and heard
someone‘s voice. “Someone‘s fainted!”

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