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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1765

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Chapter 1765

Daisie sobbed softly. “I just don‘t want others to see you that way.”

Nollace‘s lips landed on the tip of her nose and cheeks, and his warmth was on
the brink of scorching her. “I don‘t care how others view me, but Daisie, if I want to marry you, we
can‘t let our marriage be filled with
all sorts of controversies. My future wife shouldn‘t be exposed to all these public opinions.”

‘No matter what the controversies are, I‘ll be able to handle them. But Daisie might not be able to do
the same. She‘s very sentimental and is easily influenced by public opinion.

‘Even if she‘s being assaulted by the public for me, I won‘t allow that.’

“Daisie,” He kissed her, “Give me some time. Wait for the day to come when I‘m able to marry you
without any questions from the public.”

Daisie suddenly turned over and pressed him against the bed. “I don‘t care! You‘ve made me angry for
so many days, you must compensate me!”

Nollace was stunned. He stared at the person sitting on his body and
laughed abruptly. “How do you want me to compensate?”

Daisie approached him. “I want…”

The door of the ward was pushed open all of a sudden, and

Daisie and Nollace looked over at the same time.

What caught their eyes were Yorrick and Xyla, who were
standing at the door. Xyla saw the scene presented right in
front of her, gasped, and pretended to be surprised. “Oh my God, I didn‘t expect you to be
such an aggressive person, Daisie!”

Daisie was astounded for a few seconds. She then blushed instantly and got
down from Nollace in a panic. “Aunt Xyla, that‘s not it!”

Xyla waved her hand. “I totally understand that. We‘ve all been young and wild once.”

Daisie was so anxious she blushed and stared over at Nollace, asking for help.

Nollace got up calmly and adjusted his shirt. “Mr. Hathaway, Mrs. Hathaway.”

Yorrick responded with a hum and placed the fruit basket in his hand on the table. “Are you feeling bett
er, Daisie?”

Nollace took a glance at her and smiled. “Is she still
not lively enough to convince you? Who would believe that she‘s sick at this very moment?”

Daisie wanted to step on his leg,
but he seemed to have expected her to react in this way and retracted his leg, so she missed
her target.

How could Yorrick not see their tiny movements? He
cleared his throat. “Glad to hear that. This will save
her father from worrying about her every second of the day.”

Daisie turned to look at him. “My dad knows about this?”

Yorrick smiled. “How could he not know?”

Daisie pursed her lips. She had caused her family to worry about her because she was too
stubborn and did not take good care of herself.

Yorrick looked at Nollace. “Mr. Knowles, is it convenient for you to come out with me for a chat?”

Nollace and Yorrick left the ward while Daisie returned to the bed and looked toward the door from time

Xyla walked to the bed, took a seat, picked up an apple, and started peeling it for her. “Are you that worr

Daisie choked on her saliva and buried her blushed face in her pillow. “No, I‘m not.”

Xyla could see through her mind clearly. “Sure
enough, it‘s almost impossible to keep a daughter home when she‘s of age. It‘s no wonder Nolan is so w
no need for him to worry at all because even without an abduction attempt, his daughter would’ve alread

Daisie frowned. “Aunt Xyla, you‘re still making fun of me.”

Xyla chuckled, cut a segment of apple out of the peeled apple, and handed it to her. “Don‘t blame your
dad. He‘s doing all these solely out of consideration for your
future. After all, Nollace is such a capable son–in–law I don‘t think your dad will let him escape his
grasp. If he doesn‘t want Nollace to marry you, then I‘ll take over and reserve a spot for Xena.”

Daisie was astonished for a few seconds. “But that‘s impossible. Xena is still so young!”

“Age is just a number. Haven‘t you heard this saying? I‘ll be happy to have him as my son–in–law.”

“That‘s impossible–” She was about to say, “He‘s mine!”

Seeing how nervous Daisie was, Xyla laughed. “Okay, I‘ll stop teasing you already. No one will snatch
him from you.” After a while, Nollace and Yorrick returned to the ward.

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