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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1764

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Chapter 1764

“Nevertheless, we‘ve never thought about preventing Nollace and Daisie from being
together. However, if Nollace gets engaged to Daisie before the
Knowles Group manages to stabilize its development, the public opinion won’t favor him at


Freyja took a deep breath. “But what if he doesn‘t care about that?”

“He may
not care about that, but does Daisie not care about it too?” Waylon‘s words hit Freyja directly. “Daisie b
elieves that she wants to get engaged to Nollace because of
her feelings for him, but the public will only believe that Nollace wants to get engaged to her
only because of what‘s in it for him. A controversial marriage won‘t last long. Who can
guarantee that their relationship will never be affected by all those controversies?

“Even when a powerful man wants to marry a woman
of unequal status, he will still require the woman‘s family to be pure and squeaky clean. And when
it comes to a marriage between two wealthy and powerful families, the equal
match in terms of the strength of the two families will rise to the top of the list.

“Although these words will
make others mistakenly think that the Goldmanns are looking down on the Knowles, however, on the c
ontrary, Nollace’s strength is something that the Goldmanns dare
not underestimate. If Nollace doesn‘t even

believe in himself, then that will be a wastage of the trust that we have in him.”

Freyja remained silent.

‘Daisie is the daughter of the Goldmanns. Her marriage
will naturally attract the attention of multiple parties. Even if Nollace isn‘t the person who
wants to marry her today but someone else, the person will still have to withstand the intense controver
sy and pressure.

‘In a marriage relationship, when the lady‘s family is slightly weaker in
terms of family background, outsiders will rarely comment that the woman is in it for the status or the m
oney because, since ancient times, men have always been expected to perform better and stronger tha
n women. It‘s always been a traditional standard.

‘So although they‘re the relatives of the royal family of Yaramoor, the Knowles are still not powerful eno
ugh to be on a par with the Goldmanns in terms
of their financial strength and their status in the business field if Nollace wants to marry Daisie.

‘This marriage is bound to be controversial just like Ken‘s…

‘He was engaged to Lara, but no one had high hopes in
their relationship. It did not matter whether he was in it for the love or the money. In the end, it was abo
ut what the public thought about their relationship.’

Daisie regained consciousness gradually, and the first thing that caught her sight was the
white ceiling and that the room that

she was in was pervaded with the scent of disinfectant.

Immediately afterward, Daisie saw a familiar figure by the
window and sat up abruptly. Her action surprised him.

Nollace walked to the bed and pressed her back onto the bed.” Don‘t move.”

Daisie turned her face away and did not look at him.

Nollace sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to caress her cheek. However, she smacked his ha
nd away, refusing to let him touch her.

He leaned over, approached her, and moved the clumps of hair that were stuck to her
sweaty forehead off her forehead with his fingertips. “Are you still mad at me?”

“It‘s none of your business.”

He responded with a light hum. “But I care about your agenda.”

Daisie turned her back to him. “Why aren‘t you with Zenovia ? Why are you here?”

Nollace caressed the ends of her hair, and his gaze landed on her side profile. “You‘ve misunderstood t
he thing between us.”

Daisie looked dejected. “No matter what‘s the thing that‘s going on between
the two of you, I won‘t care about it anymore.”

Nollace‘s chest heaved violently, and he turned her body over, forcing her to face him. “Daisie!”

Her tears began to gush down the sides of her face–she looked
all broken, weak, and extremely vulnerable. “If you want to end

things between us, just say it. Why must you avoid me deliberately? I won‘t pester you. I‘ll never–”

Nollace sealed her lips forcibly without giving her any time to react.

Her weeping stopped, but her drenched eyelashes were still glistening, and she was about to run out of

Nollace left her lips and wiped the tears on the corners of her eyes away with his fingertips. The way she

Daisie panted. “But you‘ve been avoiding me.”

Nollace rubbed the corner of her eyes repeatedly and stared at her face. “I‘m sorry, Daisie. I didn‘t think
that you‘d blame me, and I was afraid that you‘d misunderstand me.”

He leaned over and kissed her between the eyebrows. “I don‘t care
about what other people think, but I do care about how you feel.“

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