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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1772

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Chapter 1772

“Yes.” Nollace went closer to her and said, “She prepared all of this for you, Daisie.”

Daisie lowered her head. She did not
know where she should look, and her cheeks were red. “Thank you. I like it very much.”

Nollace wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his chest.

She swallowed hard and pressed her lips tightly. Her eyelashes were trembling, and her heart was jum
ping wildly. “Nolly, you Ugh!”

He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her
lips. Daisie clenched her fists tightly on his chest, and his tongue slipped into her mouth when she open
ed her mouth to breathe.

She could barely stand right now. She stumbled toward the back, and they fell on the bed.

Nollace propped himself up with a hand and protected the back of her head with the other.

She stopped breathing for a moment and became even more nervous.

The warm white light showered on the bed. Nollace looked
at her reddened cheeks fixedly and said, “Daisie.”

“Yeah?” she replied in a low voice.

Both of them could sense the chemistry in the air. Nollace

slowly leaned toward her, and Daisie closed her eyes. Just as his lips almost touched hers, Daisie‘s
phone rang.

They froze for a few seconds and then got up from the bed.

She pulled her phone out awkwardly and took a look. It was Waylon who called her.

Nollace could see the hesitation through her eyes and chuckled. “Answer it.”

She answered the call. “Waylon?”

Waylon asked, “Why are you not back yet?”

“Um… Mrs. Knowles asked me to stay overnight. You don‘t have to wait for me anymore, Waylon.”

“Stay overnight?” Waylon frowned.

Daisie could hear
his emotion through his voice and hastily said, “Don‘t worry, Waylon. I‘m staying in the guest room.”

Nollace looked at her and squinted.

She turned around, not wanting to look Nollace in the eyes.

Waylon took a deep breath and said, “Alright. But remember this. You‘re still young. As long as you don
‘t do something overboard, I won‘t say anything.”

Daisie‘s face turned even redder. “Alright, alright, I get it.”

Her heart was jumping so fast it nearly leaped out of her throat after she hung up the
call. She took a deep breath and turned around to look at Nollace after calming herself down.

Nollace placed his hand on his forehead and lay on his side on the bed. Then, he said in a
sarcastic voice, “It‘s such a shame that you‘re staying in the guest room, Daisie.”

Daisie was stumped and quickly pulled him up from her bed but to no avail. “Nollace, get up from my b
ed now! You‘re not going to act like a pervert now!”

He pulled his arm, and she fell on top of him after losing her balance.

“So, who is acting like a pervert now?”

Her heart leaped into a gallop.

A smile was tugging at the corner of his lips as he went closer to her and
whispered into her ear, “I like the way you look right now. Your cheeks are so red, and you look so ador

Daisie felt dizzy, as if she was drunk. She did not know
where to put her hands right now. “Hurry up and get out of my bed.”

He let out a smile and opened his arms. “But the problem is ! can‘t get up.”

Daisie was stunned. She looked downward, and it was only then she
realized she had been lying on top of him.

She hastily got up and stood frozen stiff in the corner of the room. She lowered her head and looked like

Nollace dusted his shirt and got up. He approached her and planted a kiss on her lips.

By the time she came around to her senses, he had already left her lips. “Goodnight.”

After that, he left the room.

Daisie touched her lips. She could still feel his warmth lingering on her lips, and her cheeks burned red w

She couldn‘t sleep all night.

The next morning, the maid had already finished preparing breakfast by the time she got up.

Diana was sitting by the table as she said, “Morning, Daisie. Did you sleep well last night?”

Daisie forced a smile onto her face and replied, “Yeah.”

In fact, she had only slept for three hours.

She looked around and asked when she did not find Nollace,” Where is Nolly?”

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