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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1774

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Chapter 1774

There were all sorts of news about Zenovia, and everyone was shocked when the king announced that
he would take her in as his “god–granddaughter.”

Besides, it was rumored that she had become the third wheel in the relationship between
Nollace and Daisie, so everyone was anticipating a good show when the two “heroines” of the scandals
met in the auction.

Zenovia did not expect that Daisie would come to the auction with Diana. Even though she was not
happy about it, she did not allow her emotions to escape to her face.

She walked up to them with a smile on her face and greeted,” Mrs. Knowles, I‘m very happy
to meet you here. I never
had the chance to talk to you last time to clear up the misunderstanding you had about me,”

Diana interrupted her. “Do you think you have a chance right now?”

Zenovia was stunned.

Without giving her a chance to say
anything, Diana continued.” You don‘t get it? You don‘t have to creep up my sleeve and don‘t need to s
ay anything like wanting me
to know you better. I‘m not your mother, so I don‘t have to know who you are.”

Zenovia‘s smile froze when Diana openly rejected her.

She had assumed that Diana would more or less treat her better

for the sake of the king
since she had become the king‘s “god granddaughter.” She clenched her fists tightly in secret and
then loosened them up the next second. She retained the smile on her face as
she said gracefully, “Mrs. Knowles, what happened earlier
was my fault, so I don‘t blame you for misunderstanding me.”

Diana chuckled and replied, “So you‘re saying that it‘s my fault for misunderstanding you?”

Zenovia was taken aback. “That‘s not what I mean, Mrs. Knowles.”

“Alright,” Diana said as she lifted her hand. “I don‘t care
what you‘re trying to say. Just stay away from me. We‘re not that close anyway.“.

The people around looked at them as if they were watching a movie.

Diana did not put
any effort into concealing her disgust. She squashed Zenovia and humiliated her in front of everyone.

Zenovia stood frozen stiff. She bit her lips, not knowing what
to say as her face was written with sadness.

Mr. Bourge did not know if he
should step in or not. After all, he couldn‘t afford to offend any one of them. In the end, he braced himse
lf and chimed in with a smile
on his face. “Mrs. Knowles, Ms. Livingston, the auction is about to start. Why don‘t you both

go back to your seats first?”

Diana walked past her and grabbed
Daisie‘s hand. “Let‘s go, sweetheart. I can‘t stay here any further and breathe the same

air with a certain someone.”

Daisie nodded, and both of them walked toward the VIP seats.

Zenovia clenched her fists so tightly that
her nails stabbed into her palm. However, she couldn‘t let loose her
emotions and brought disgrace to herself since everyone was watching.

This time, the auction was the selling and buying of the treasured items and antiques
that everyone had collected. It was equivalent to the exhibition center buying stuff from collectors.

The more valuable one treasured item or
antique was, the higher price they had. Of course, the exhibition center did not
accept items that were bought from the private sector. This was because most of the antique transaction
accepted them, it might cause them a lot of trouble if anything went wrong.

Therefore, most of the
antique collectors that came to the auction today were from the upper class. The items they got were bo

Therefore, most of the antique collectors that came to
the auction today were from the upper class. The items they got were bought through formal channels
at great expense. All the items would need to go through a series of meticulous inspections, which was
the preferred condition for trading in the exhibition center.

Daisie was not interested in the auction. She placed her hand on

the forehead, feeling bored.

Two hours later, the auction ended, and it was time for lunch. The exhibition center booked
an upscale buffet restaurant for their guests to have their lunch. The restaurant offered all sorts of

dishes, and the service was good.

While Daisie was selecting her food, a figure approached her. She turned her
head around and saw Zenovia standing beside


There were some pastries on her plate as she said, “You‘re more
capable than I think you are, Ms. Vanderbilt . Did you ask your family to force the Knowles to give in to

“Well, even though you can‘t make decisions
for yourself, you‘re still their daughter. I‘m sure they’ll give you whatever you want no matter how
reluctant they are. Besides, considering the status of
your family, I can understand as well why the Knowles would choose you over me.”

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