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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1777

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Chapter 1777

“Ms. Livingston, you‘ve gone through every inch of
my clutch. Is the item that you‘re looking for in there?” Daisie asked with a smirk.

‘When the waiter knocked the clutch off me and handed it back, I was just about
to place my phone back in the clutch, but I unexpectedly found a necklace of unknown origin inside.

I‘ve always been carrying this clutch with
me all the time, and it‘s never left my sight, so I know exactly what‘s in it. The extra necklace made me
realize that the waiter might be onto something. Fortunately, I took the necklace out of the clutch.

‘After all, I didn‘t want to cause any trouble and embarrass Aunt Diana. I planned to go to the front
desk to ask about the lost necklace when I was about to leave.

‘That‘s why it felt too coincidental when Zenovia brought up the disappearance of her necklace all of
a sudden. It turns out that the series of incidents happened only because she wanted to frame me.’

Zenovia could not believe it and reached
out, intending to go through Daisie‘s dress. “You must‘ve hidden the necklace–”

Diana grabbed her wrist and pushed her away. “That‘s enough!”

Zenovia staggered backward before she could regain balance. When
facing the murmurs that came from the crowd, her eyes turned
bloodshot, and her fists were tightly clenched.

Diana snorted. “What did you say just now? You‘d apologize to Daisie in front of everyone present if
you were to have wronged her. Am I right? Are you trying to deny having said that?”

“1–” Zenovia‘s fists were shaking. Her gaze was fixed on Daisie‘s calm expression, and she gnashed h
er teeth. “I want to search her body!”

‘The necklace must be somewhere on her body!

At the moment, endless discussions were coming out of the people surrounding the commotion.

Zenovia had gone through Daisie‘s clutch and found nothing, and she was now asking for a full body se
arch on Daisie, making it clear that she was sure that Daisie was the thief.

Diana completely lost her cool. “Ms. Livingston, do you think you have the right
to do anything you like just because you‘re His Majesty‘s god–granddaughter?”

“Mrs. Knowles, are you protecting her because of her family‘s background? Even though she‘s the dau
ghter of the Goldmanns, she‘s now the main suspect that stole my belongings. So why can‘t I search
her body?”

Zenovia did not care what Diana thought of her anymore –all she wanted now was that Daisie could
not be at peace tonight!

Daisie squinted and let off a smirk. “Alright, but you should really think about it carefully this time aroun
d. If you still can‘t find it after running a full body search, the consequences that you‘ll have to bear will
be slightly more severe than they already


Zenovia was flustered. She bit her lip and seemed to be hesitating.

Daisie shook her dress. “Ms. Livingston, do you still plan to move on with the
search? Come, I‘m waiting for you.”

It looked as if she was looking forward to Zenovia‘s search, which made everyone laugh.

Zenovia would have lost her head long ago if anyone else present were to
run into such an incident. However, the daughter
of the Goldmanns did not only react calmly but also made it clear that she could not wait to give Zenovia

If Zenovia were to move on with her claims and search the
other party‘s body forcibly but still could not locate her necklace after that, her actions
would offend the Goldmanns completely.

Zenovia pinched the hem of her dress and trembled slightly. After a while, she took a deep
breath and forced a smile. “Since I‘ve wronged Ms. Vanderbilt, let‘s just leave my body search
request out of this matter.”

She knew better than anyone that if she were to ask
for a search and still could not find the stolen necklace, the loss she would have
to suffer would not be worth it.

‘Daisie must‘ve fully prepared herself before giving me the chance to search her body. She‘s waiting for
me to make a fool out of myself!‘.

Diana looked expressionless . “Oh, we can definitely leave the search out of this matter, but
what about the apology? Ms.

Livingston, you won‘t go back on your own words, right?”

Zenovia gnashed her teeth, loosened her fists, and bowed to Daisie. “Ms. Vanderbilt , I‘m sorry. I have w
mind it.”

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