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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1780

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Chapter 1780

Nollace was eerily calm. After a long while, he put the document aside. “Her scheme didn‘t work this
time around, but she won’t give up so easily.”

Edison added, “But Madam has ordered the precinct to forbid Ms. Livingston from seeing the waiter.”

Nollace raised his head slowly
and chuckled. “The situation would be different if she were to manage to obtain the king‘s permission.”

Edison suddenly stopped talking.

At White Ivy Palace…

Zenovia met the king to talk about the grievances she had faced at the auction.

William sat behind his desk, reading through some documents, and frowned . “Since
the police have started an investigation , what are you worried about?”

She pursed her lips and explained , “I only wish to
know more about the progress of the investigation, but Mrs. Knowles stopped me from doing so.”

William lifted his head. “Diana stopped you?”

Zenovia pretended to be aggrieved. “I don‘t
know why Mrs. Knowles would stop me from investigating the matter. All I want
is to get to the bottom of the incident. After all, that necklace
is very important to me as it‘s a relic from my grandmother.”

William tapped on the table with his fingers. He knew his daughter well enough to know she would not
have ordered the precinct to stop Zenovia from investigating the theft for no reason.

He rubbed his temples. “You can leave now. As for the precinct, I‘ll get someone to keep you informed.”

Zenovia nodded and stepped back with a grin.

She walked out of the palace, and Edison, who was approaching her, stopped her. “Ms. Livingston, the
young master wants to see you.”

Zenovia felt a little panic deep down upon seeing Edison.

‘I know him. He‘s the person who works right next to Nollace!

Without waiting for her refusal, Edison turned sideways and added
expressionlessly, “Ms. Livingston, please don‘t keep the young master waiting.”

She pretended to be calm and followed Edison toward the garden.

Nollace was standing next to a white pavilion with a golf club in his hand. He then swung the club and h
it the ball. The ball dropped precisely at a hole not far away, rolled a little, and fell into the hole.

She stepped into the pavilion and greeted him with a smile. “Mr. Knowles, are you looking for me?”

Nollace‘s expression looked unconcerned. “Did you go to today‘s auction?”

Zenovia understood something in an instant and looked around. The palace guards could be
seen all around, so Nollace should not be able to do anything to
her. “What‘s wrong? Did Ms. Vanderbilt complain to you that I wronged her?”

Nollace casually straightened the golf ball without raising his head. “Is it really a misunderstanding?”

“Mr. Knowles,
I know you don‘t like me, but have you taken my feelings into consideration before asking me that quest
me to do?”

Zenovia acted magnanimously and naturally as if she had never tried to frame Daisie.

Nollace hit the ball, placed the
club next to him, and turned around to look at her. His gaze looked gloomy and cold. “Have you read the
committed throughout the years add up, he‘s looking at imprisonment for more than just several


Zenovia‘s hands, which were resting on the sides, clenched tightly. “What do you mean by that?”

He laughed. “It‘s a good call to report your father in order to protect the Livingstons‘ reputation. I heard t

Zenovia‘s expression froze for a moment, and her shoulders could not help but tremble.

Nollace handed the club to Edison and walked up to her. “Do you think that as long
as your father goes to prison, I‘ll have nothing to threaten the Livingstons with?”

Zenovia stepped back subconsciously and roared with bloodshot eyes, “Nollace
Knowles, are you trying to force me to death?

“Must you do this for Daisie? The Goldmanns look just like a group of arrogant b*stards, so why would th
are the benefits that the Goldmanns can provide you with, don‘t you? I too can provide you with the sam

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