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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1783

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Chapter 1783

Freyja took a sip of chicken and mushroom soup, choked a little because of Daisie’s statement, and
scoffed. “It’s fine. I don’t usually eat this much either.”

“You’re too slim. You should eat more.”

“I weigh 110 pounds, and you, as someone who weighs a little over 90 pounds, actually have the
nerves to call me slim?”

Daisie was rendered speechless.

‘Freyja’s 5’7″, and 110 pounds is already the most standard weight for her.

‘And I’m 5’3″, but because I pay more attention to the maintenance of my shape, I’ve never allowed
myself to weigh more than 100 pounds.’

Waylon lifted his gaze and took a glance at Daisie. “Yeah, it’s

true that you’ve lost weight.”

He moved the sliced loin steak from his plate onto hers. “You’ll only look healthier if you weigh slightly
over 100 pounds.”

Daisie put on an upset expression. “That’s considered fat, okay!?”

“How can I compare myself with Freyja? Freyja is tall, so weighing a little over 100 pounds is
considered normal. But I’m so short, and I’d look plump if I were to weigh more than 100 pounds.’

Waylon’s expression remained unchanged. “Freyja doesn’t look fat at all. In fact, she looks just right?”

Daisie was rendered speechless.

‘Men’s aesthetics are so very different from that of women’s . Women think to look slender is to look
extremely slim, while men think that one looks slender when one is a little plump.

‘Freyja’s body figure and weight are relatively standard. She looks just right as she’s neither fat nor
thin, and all her flesh is grown in the right parts of her body.’

Daisie lowered her head to look at her body and then looked at Freyja. She had a great figure, but it
was nothing when compared to Freyja’s.

Coincidentally, a voice came from inside the restaurant at this


Daisie turned around and looked in the direction of the voice-it was Zenovia.

After running into someone she hated to the bones in the restaurant, the king crab no longer tasted as
good as it was a minute ago.

Zenovia walked over with her secretary and two bodyguards and saw Daisie. “Ms. Vanderbilt, what a

Daisie smiled. “Yes, what a coincidence.”

Zenovia’s gaze landed on Waylon. Among the many men she had met in her life, in addition to Nollace,
whose appearance surprised her, the man sitting in front of her looked no less than


It was just that his temperament was different from Nollace’s .

Compared to Nollace, his appearance looked a little more oriental and reserved. He exuded an aura
that felt more mature and experienced, giving others a relatively stern and heavy sensation.

The secretary had worked for Mr. Livingston before this and was familiar with Waylon’s looks. He
recalled something, approached Zenovia , and whispered something into her ears.

Zenovia was startled, then smiled politely. “Is this gentleman the eldest young master of the
Goldmanns ? It’s nice to meet you. I’m Zenovia, Zenovia Livingston.”

She reached out her hand to greet him.

Waylon put down his knife and fork and reached out. However, what he went for was the handkerchief
on the table. He picked it up to wipe his hand and did not seem to plan to shake hands with Zenovia.

Zenovia’s hand hung awkwardly in midair, and she retracted it unnaturally with a slightly stiff
expression. “That’s very rude for you to treat a lady like this, Mr. Goldmann.”

Waylon placed the handkerchief back onto the table, lifted his head, and asked indifferently , “Are you
lecturing me on how | should do things?”

He ignored her existence from beginning to end.

Zenovia tried her best to restrain her expression and let out a smile. “Why would I do so? Perhaps what
I’m doing is a little

abrupt. After all, this is our first time meeting each other, so you might have misunderstood me, Mr.

Waylon scoffed. “Ms. Livingston, you’re truly different from the other ladies I know.”

She accepted his statement joyfully. “I’ll take it as a compliment from you, Mr. Goldmann.”

Waylon added, “The Earth doesn’t revolve around you, Ms. Livingston, so don’t be too bumptious.”

Zenovia was at a loss for words.

Daisie could not help but burst into laughter, and this peal of laughter made Zenovia feel even more
embarrassed. She took a deep breath. “Mr. Goldmann, I may not be as noble and respectable as you
Goldmanns, but I at least know how to respect people.”

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