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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1784

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Chapter 1784

Waylon nodded. “So, is forcing Nollace to marry you your way of respecting others? If that’s the case,
you’re quite a righteous person.”

A hint of anger surged from the bottom of Zenovia’s eyes. “This is a matter between Mr. Knowles and

“As long as he’s still in a relationship with my sister, I’ll never allow the affairs between you two to exist.
I can’t tolerate the fact that I’m looking at a filthy woman, do you understand me?”

From the beginning to the end, Waylon did not go overboard with his choice of words – he did not even
get worked up-but what he said was extremely offensive and ironic.

Zenovia’s clenched fists trembled, and her expression dimmed in an instant. “We’re in Yaramoor, not
Zlokova. No matter how powerful the Goldmanns are, you’re in no position to act so unreasonably and
rudely in a foreign country.”

Waylon glanced at her and squinted slightly. “You’re from Haniston yourself, so from where did you
muster the courage to make that statement?”

She sneered. “I’m different. I’m a distinguished guest of the royal family and the king’s god-

Waylon sounded very sarcastic. “The Livingstons have actually interfered in the interior affairs of the
Yaramoor’s royal family? It’s no wonder you sound so full of yourself.”

Zenovia’s expression changed instantly. “Nonsense, what are you talking about!?”

What she just said could cause things to go south quickly and easily.

The most taboo thing in the diplomatic relationship between the two countries was someone interfering
with the country’s internal affairs. The king had recognized her as his god granddaughter only because
he admired her, but most of the nobles actually felt that it was an inappropriate thing to do.

She was from Haniston, so getting too close to the royal family would inevitably create unnecessary
suspicions. Once these words were to spread to the public and were amplified by the media, she might
be accused of espionage.

She originally thought these words would make the Goldmanns realize they were not in Zlokova, and
this was not a place where they could do whatever they wanted. But who would have thought that the
young master of the Goldmanns was not someone to be trifled with?

Waylon still did not show her any respect. “You’re only someone that curries favor with people who are
superior to you. You’re not even related to the royal family by blood. And here you are, teaching us that
we Goldmanns should behave. Who gave you the guts to do so? Is it His Majesty, the king?

“The Goldmanns’ hands are not as long as the Livingstons’, so we don’t try to get involved with the
royal family of another country so casually. However, whoever dares to lay a finger on anyone in the
family, the person’s background will become

irrelevant instantly. Even the royal family won’t cause the Goldmanns to pull punches.

“If this is still not enough to convince you to stand down, go back to the king and tell him what I just told
you. We’ll see whether he’ll support you when it comes to this matter.”

The expression on Zenovia’s changed back and forth as if it was a magic show. She calmed herself
down, glared fiercely at Daisie, turned around, and left immediately.

Daisie had been trying her best to suppress her laughter, and as soon as Zenovia left the scene, she
laughed out loud and gave Waylon a thumbs up. “Waylon, what a show!”

Waylon fetched her some side dishes. “There’s no need to show such a person any respect. Even if
you make a move on her, the Goldmanns will be able to bear the consequences on your behalf. Do you
get me?”

Daisie supported her head in her hands and grinned. “I’m no longer a child. I won’t let her bully me.”

Freyja stared at the siblings, then lowered her eyes and continued eating her meal.

She could see that Waylon’s attitude toward Zenovia stemmed from the gossip that revolved around
Zenovia and Daisie.

He was venting for Daisie.

Although the Goldmann brothers had different personalities, the only thing they had in common was
that they were both good brothers who would do anything to protect their sister.

The sky was getting dark, and Waylon sent them back after


Freyja’s house was not located near Daisie’s. One was located in the city’s southern region, and the
other was in the northern region. Thus, Freyja probably asked the driver to pull over and let her off at
an intersection because she did not want them to travel too far for her.

Daisie did not mind the extra miles. “It’s okay. We can travel a bit further. We’re the ones who invited
you out to eat. How can we let you go home by yourself?”

“It’s okay, we’ve just finished eating dinner, and it won’t take long before I arrive home. It’s a good
opportunity for me to go for a stroll at this hour.”

Freyja got out of the car and bid them goodbye.

Daisie felt a little sad when she looked at Freyja’s figure as she left by herself.

‘It’s not like I’ve not been to her house, so how could she possibly get home in just a while?’

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