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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1785

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Chapter 1785

Waylon asked the driver to stop driving all of a sudden. “We’ll take a taxi back. You’re to follow Ms.
Pruitt and make sure she gets home safely.”

The driver nodded.

After the two got out of the car, Daisie turned around to glance at Waylon. “Waylon, you’re the best.”

Waylon raised his hand and rubbed the top of her head. “That’s because I know that you care about
your friends.”

Daisie wrapped her arms around his, leaned her head against his shoulder, and giggled. “Then I must
say that you know me the best.”

That night, at the Knowles mansion…

Diana stood in the room and tried to call Nollace, but she could not get through his phone.

After Rick took a shower, he walked out of the bathroom, wiping his hair with a towel. “What’s wrong?”

Diana turned around with a worried expression. “Dear, Edison said that Nollace has gone on a
business trip. I just wanted to call him but couldn’t get to him.”

Rick smiled and left the towel on the counter. “You’re being too nervous. Nollace is already an adult
and knows what to do. He’ll be fine.”

Diana frowned. Although Rick was doing a great job at comforting her, she still had a bad feeling.
Edison had only told her that Nollace had left on a business trip, but he did not tell her where he had

She had a feeling that Edison seemed to be hiding something from her.

Three days later, at the Knowles Group…

Edison was sitting in the office. He had been unable to contact Nollace all these days.

At that moment, the secretary’s voice suddenly came from outside the corridor, and Diana pushed open
the office door.

He stood up. “Madam.”

Diana hurried to the desk and questioned him directly, “Where the heck did Nollace go? You told me
that he’d be on a business trip for a week. Today is already the fifth day, and I haven’t heard a word
from him for the past five days. What are you trying to hide for him?”

Edison lowered his head as he hesitated.

Diana looked serious. “Edison, you must give me an explanation today. What exactly is he doing out

‘It’s okay to travel for business, but there’s no reason I haven’t been able to get in touch with him. I
don’t even know the most basic information that I should know about this trip. I’ve been feeling so
restless and uneasy these few days that I even dreamed that something has happened to him, so how
can I continue to ignore this whole matter?’

Edison took a deep breath and responded with a hint of guilt in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Madam. The young
master… He’s gone to Haniston.”

Diana was astounded. “What!?”

Edison could not get in touch with Nollace either, and he knew about his plan, so he could no longer
keep it a secret. “The young master doesn’t want anyone to know where he went, so he told me to
keep it a secret. He said he has something to do in Haniston.”

The office was silent for a moment.

Diana froze in place silently for a long time and asked, “Does it have anything to do with the

Edison nodded.

At that moment, Diana could not keep herself cool anymore.” Has he lost his mind!? What can he do on
the Livingstons’ home turf? And how does he plan to deal with the Livingstons alone?”

Edison lowered his head and did not utter a single word.

‘In fact, I also felt that Young Master Knowles’ plan is a little mental. No, not just a little, to be exact, it’s
pretty crazy.

“Given his determination to give it all he has, it’s clear that what makes Young Master Knowles dreadful
isn’t his means and ruthlessness but that he’s more resolved than anyone else, so resolved that his life
is something that he’ll willingly trade in order to achieve something.

‘Plus, he always catches others off guard by never playing his

cards accordingly. That’s what makes him insidious and terrifying.’

Diana stepped forward abruptly, grabbed him by the collar, and became extremely emotional. “Edison,
what is he going to do? Tell me what his plan is!”

Edison lowered his gaze and fell silent for a moment. “He plans to break into the Livingstons at the
expense of himself, arousing the royal family’s suspicion of the Livingstons…”

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